Circular versus linear thinking.

Human beings since the conception of higher reason come think in a linear form of reasoning yet I can’t quite help but notice that the cosmos itself is quite chaotic or circular.

Isn’t all of human thought more circular than linear?

Can you give some examples to illustrate your point?

Circular paths are not chaotic. They are quite defined:

[code]y^2 + x^2 = (radius)^2


radius = cos(theta) + sin(theta) ; theta = [0…360] degrees[/code]

Why do you say that linear reasoning is a product of the advent of higher reasoning? Hasn’t linear reasoning been around longer? “This stick rubbed on that stick gets hot, then produces fire”. “Premise → conclusion”.

Circular reasoning is like “The bible is true because the bible says it’s true.” Or “The only thing to fear is fear itself”. This is called recursion, but it circles around back to itself eventually leading to infinite fear.

I was trying to make a reference to the chaos theory.

We constantly try to make linear systems of perception and thinking in regards to our cosmos through a form of linear thinking all the while the cosmos is in a state of constant flux forever changing in a nonlinear motion.

Isn’t that what we do with our ideals the prime mover of human perception and thought?

Wasn’t the first thoughts mostly consisting of man’s view of himself in the cosmos that was deeply linear since man in the early time of thought tried to make significance for himself even though there is none?

A line, folding back into itself, is circular.

All thoughts are energy-loops meant to pull actions, and the actions are meant to pull in energy, and resources, so that the body can sustian power long enough to repeat itself…

All thoughts are generally utilities, and cyclical, also, so, they could be considered conceptually spheroid, containing a moving point, also.

I say this because I think you’re talking about metaphorical sentience attributes, and not lines on paper. :sunglasses:

Does the word cyclical mean the same thing as circular?

If thought is indeed cyclical or circluar then there really is no end fixed point of anything it seems and all fixed points of thought in the human mind is a falsity.

( I hope that makes sense.)

Life and mind, it is a cycle, yes.

All reasoning is circular…
It is self-contradictory in so far as a lion cannot and does not eat itself, but at the same time believes it is okay to eat bodies; it simply does not apply that principal to itself, though.

Self-application is self-contradiction, which, if done properly, morphs all form back into a white fluid, which then shrinks down into a single point, which is concentration, which is focus, which is consciousness…

So do you agree with me when I say that human higher forms of consciousness by itself is a circular insanity?

We might regard all of human history as a circular exchange of insanity in man’s quest for clarity.

This reminds me of Emile Cioran who called all of human consciousness unreal or insane.

And it goes deeper, because clarity is non-obstruction, non-destraction. But the common ideologies are all layers and piles of filters, constructs, demanding attention, and essentially they all obstruct…

Human consciousness is not the entire universe.
Consciousness par human is a tiny part of the condition of reality.
Knowing is an extention and factor of a certian state of being.

Because reality is beyond the dualities of reason/non-reason, truth/non-truth, etc., both the insane and the sane have an actual existence, and there is an actual existence besides them, also.

That all makes very accurate sense to me in describing the human condition. :slight_smile:

In these couple of exchanges of information Dan I do believe that you have helped me reveal even more futility of being a human being.

( And that is exactly what I want. To learn all that I can in my capability.)

Later become a buddha with a direct perception of emptiness. :laughing:

A full sense of the entire, self-ending and self-starting infinity of the sphere. :sunglasses:

A perfect and ineffable sense of all futility. =D>

Finally an understanding of that which is inexcapable and never-ending.

But the consciousness becomes that which it fully knows, as that is a holographic syncronized mimetic, and so some part of your mind will also become inexcapable and never-ending at the moment of such an attainment. :laughing:

I know you were. Circles are not chaotic. Cyclical process are not chaotic either. A sine wave is cyclical, it is not chaotic.

I’m sorry I’m having trouble decoding the subject-verb construction of this statement. Could you please make it more coherent?

Eternally repeating fractals in a sustained pattern is a cycle of chaos…

Whats your point?

I think his point is that there are no final points of reality.