Civility and the spirit of this community.

Carleas, I guess I’d like to debate with you, regarding the issue of civility on this board. I think I could play the role, either pro or con. Which would you like to argue; for or against?

I have imagined how you might approach the position, how can you be civil questioning an others incivility? I will admit I already respect the way you convey your thoughts. It would be most helpful to see it from another point of view.

How do you extend respect to someone who you emotionally and intellectually feel, hasn’t earned it? Both ways.

The whole notion of specifics rather baffles me. I am a generalist. Generally speaking calculus works. Electrons behave in usefully predictable ways. A resistor is designed for a a specific reason.

For or against what? What’s the claim?

I do not believe it is a black or white pro and con sort of question. Quite likely by now “debate” wasn’t the right phrasing. Let us just have a discussion about what you believe is civil and why you believe it matters. Questions get asked but are rarely answered? The tone shifts to elude to the question having not a right to have been asked at all.

There is something in the question. If it is asked honestly, (but how would anyone know it’s motivation) it should find its answer in kind. Can a question of truth be distilled within our given human limitations to a more concentrated equation?

I doubt if I qualify as philosopher. Given the meter. What sort of philosopher has a political agenda?

I started a thread in Meta for that purpose.