Civilization Cannot Exist Without Monetary Exchange!

Everyone is so quick to say that the entire presence of civilization is a natural inevitability but fail to recognize that such an existence is entirely reliant on monetary exchange for it couldn’t exist by itself without it.

Many say that all civil roles of men were naturally inevitable yet how many of these roles could survive without the incentives and briberies of the value market system guided by idealistic “justifications” that composes monetary exchanges?

Civilization isn’t guided by nature or evolution but instead it is reduced to a global mass bribing and black mailing each other perpetually in each generation at spear or gun point.

To say that civilization was inevitable is to also say that monetary exchange is natural phenomena yet when we look at the rest of nature no other monetary existence prevails in comparison to ourselves leaving “human beings” in another state of anomaly.

Make no mistake men do no inspire invention or society naturally but instead focus on such factitious things by monetary pressures and gains alone.

Without money there is no aspiration or motivation for the global populance.

Behold the defining feature of civilization which consists of black mailers and the black mailed!

Some native cultures merely used direct trade of goods instead of a monetary medium between. And some native cultures also did not have slave-labor inculcated into their work systems.

A desire provide, in humans, generally exists only for theirselves and their families, if that. In order to coax them to do any large task for anyone outside of themselves and for their family, there had to be an impulse stronger than their own fear and sloth partaining to large tasks. So, brute force, moral mandates, religious zeal, poverty, and many other things similar to these had gotten men motivated enough to do the larger tasks of war, monumental construction, etc.

It was not merely a matter of what you’d call “blackmail”…
It was instead a matter of strong incentive, strong desire, etc.
The back of one’s head is constantly “blackmailing” one’s body anyways, forcing it to live and to impose itself over others. Normally this is what we’d call truth, or “instinct”, and when left unquestioned it feels like absolute truth, like the guiding light, the meaning, the purpose, the direction of nature…

I have no objection to having a monetary system, per se. It’s only when it comes to this that I start having problems with it.

Monetary exchange is an extension of values which only exist out of factitious constructions of the human mind as no set of objective intrinsic values exist anywhere else.

Values don’t exist beyond the valuer and through moral ties do we force subjective values on everyone else economically by that of blackmail.

Such peoples were of the pre-state existence in history.

Civilization is the epoch of centralized state governments with monetary exchange being their defining feature.

Alot of these actions are a acquired consciousness through various forms of constructed activities.

People are not born with the disposition of public imagery as this is a cosciousness derived from activity thrown on people in upbringing.