cleaning one's words

people speak

people sometimes pay careful attention to word choice, at other times, people may speak effortlessly

i might avoid using certain words with certain people due to known emotional triggers

i might avoid using certain words at certain times/places due to common fears (e.g. don’t say bomb on an airplane)

people might say something that one wishes could be taken back. could have been known at the time or not…“foot in mouth”

some people takes vows of silence

i want to ask an open-ended question: How does one clean his/her word(s)?

I think this from a religious perspective - I can’t very well unspeak things, however… people say “cleanliness is next to godliness” or something similar. I can intend to a good word choice in the now… Or i can hope to conduct myself in a manner where my words do not weigh heavy on me

Does anyone here have experience with… in essence… ‘cleaning’ his/her words? What approaches does one take to speak ‘clean’ words in the now, and what approaches does one take to ‘clean’ ones words spoken (or written) in the past?