Coffee Break

It’s about that time

Need several



I don’t take coffee breaks, but sometimes I take a little break from coffee

It’s called sleeping.

Not sur which thread to post this

That’s Rob Gronkowsi, tight end for the new england patriots, doing a commercial for dunkin donuts iced coffee.

I don’t sleep.

Me neither.

I just slept. Pretty nice from time to time. I think I’ll go out to get a caramel latte yogurt donut marshmallow special ooze.

So it was actually a commercial intended to get people to buy it and not a joke to make fun of the product? I really wasn’t sure, wow this would not work over here. People here they want to be soothed by a deep masculine voice into feeling under the wing of the economy an shuffling alongside each other to the store blind to other needs than the need for [fill in any product].

Then someties ther eis humor, but it is always about someone dying and shoulding have had an insurance.

Yeah, but Gronkowski is a funny dude. There’s another video where he’s reading some romance novel that a fan wrote about him and it’s funny because…he’s reading a romance novel that a fan wrote about him and because he’s not exactly a swift reader, and his voice alone gives the impression that he’s a few fries short of a happy meal, yet people like him because he’s a beast on the football field. (real football not soccer).



But the dunkin iced coffee is actually good, and it fills the demand created by people who think it’s fashionable to hate starbucks but who still like good coffee.

His neck is thicker than my body :open_mouth:

He’s a beast.

If he doesn’t get killed he’ll be in the NFL for a long time. He can’t be more than about 23 years old.

Yeah, starbucks make decent coffee, Im drinking one right now, they’re the only ones open at this hour except MacDonalds.

Unfortunately that video is blocked in my region, but I took a look here. … Gronkowski
He is likable. I also like those hoarse voices that do the commentary.

Make mine a Costa… black, brown sugar…

I haven’t had coffee in months (on the strict orders of mine very own Indian Guru) so I’m gagging for a cup :neutral_face:

On another note…


I go to this place a few times a week and get coffee, and they do the little design on the top of it with the foam or whatever. It’s pretty good.