coke vs beans

coke or beans?

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What do you think is more incompetent, putting regular coke in the diet coke bit of the machine, or serving beans on a plate? And what should the reprisals be for these people?

the coke problems is CLEARLY more distressing… i mean, what kind of fool doesn’t know that diet coke tastes COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! as for beans on a plate… well, it’s pretty bloody stupid, but it’s not in the same league…

no. i’m sorry, you had to have been the one who was being irritated by it to feel the true irritation. all i wanted was for my cheese (in a little container) to go on my potato BEFORE my beans, which you’re supposed to ladel out. the new system means you simply CAN’T have the cheese first. so you ask for a bowl to put the beans in … AND SHE GIVES YOU A PLATE!!! how stupid can you be?! she had a huge pile of bowls next to her!!

and yes, if you prefer diet coke to coke then it is very annoying, but beans on plates wins hands down.

as in cocaine or ecstacy?

yes, thats exactly what we mean. there was a mix up in the filling of the cocaine/ecstacy vending machine.

and beans on a plate is bad because…?

i can’t believe you even asked that

I honestly don’t taste that much of a difference between Diet Coke and Coke. Furthermore, I have been surved beans on a plate before and didn’t have much of a problem. Maybe I was just born to accept stupidity :confused: .

What’s your take?

Beans on toast has to be on a plate. A bowl would be so wrong.

… what an interesting thread…

I’m drinking Vanilla coke at the moment…( ahahah, death in a bottle) I think its pretty good… just cant drink too much at one time.

Is this an actual topic of conversation? I can’t beleive I’m hearing this from the same people who can talk intelligably about politics, religion and philosophy. :laughing:
Well, I guess it’s called mundane babble for a reason, but it makes it no less humourous.

It’s the little things that kill

like toast

Deadly in the hands of the ninja. Got to be quite well done though, none of this lightly browned stuff. That would just give them a bit of a sting.

lol… Toast… gOld
This is my weapon of choice