Commandment #10

The christian says I am not supposed to covet(desire) my neighbors stuff.

What will happen to me if I continue to covet my neighbors stuff and dont repent?
Will I still be able to go to heaven. How many commandments can I break without getting into trouble with God?
This actually should be on the religion forum.

I have no idea why you didn’t put this in the religion section.

This is a good question though, and one that religious individuals must debate, it would be pointless for me to speculate! I don’t think it is clear in the bible at all, God’s stance on punishment is blurry to say the least.

The belief is that God will judge fairly, based on an individual’s entire life.

That’s an incredibly hard thing to determine whilst here on earth though, no?

It’s a belief. It’s easier to believe that God will be fair rather than that God will be unfair. God is after all assumed to be wiser and more knowledgeable than humans. And even lowly humans have a strong sense of justice and fairness, even if they don’t always exercise it.

Yup, that is true, but I think that makes it even more difficult for humans to know how to live their lives. God’s idea of justice may be completely different ultimately than the conventional sense of justice we have established.

but what if you need to know more. this is so indefinite. how about the ten commandments. will that do.

I didn’t really understand that comment turtle, sorry. Do you mean that the ten commandments are the indication as to what God’s idea of justice is?

chee------sorry. i screwed up. back to #10. if i keep violating this commandnment will i go to hell.

I see, yeah a good point. In fact, I’d like to know exactly how much one can get away with before relinquishing my entry to heaven.

How about the guy down the street? Homeboy’s got an Acura, can I covet that? He’s not my neighbor.

Jealousy is bad, it encourages theft and or dishonesty in others. That said this is hardly a Christian idea, most societies realised the dangers of coveting others things.

It can be beneficial like anything though if it spurs you to achieve.

The belief, or your belief? I think the latter.

For Christians - I’m not a theologian, but I think the NT is pretty clear that those who repent and accept Jesus in their hearts go to heaven, and those who don’t, don’t. So to OP, you’re out of luck.

For Jews - I’m not entirely sure, it’s more an observance- than faith-based religion.

Okay my belief.

There is still a judgment. Just because someone repents doesn’t mean that they are necessarily sincere. And it doesn’t stop sin from happening after the repentance.

“For Christians - I’m not a theologian, but I think the NT is pretty clear that those who repent and accept Jesus in their hearts go to heaven, and those who don’t, don’t. So to OP, you’re out of luck.”

i dont think that just repenting and accepting jesus is a ‘ticket to heaven’. i mean, if you’re knowingly sinning and continue to do so, are you really sorry then? and could you say ‘i have accepted jesus’ and thats all i need to do? that being said, i dont underestimate god’s forgiveness and i dont believe his judgement would be black or white.

i think that commandment focuses on being happy with what you DO have rather than constantly wishing for what everyone else does.

Uhh, no, if you carry on wilfully sinning then you clearly haven’t repented and accepted Jesus properly. Where on earth do you come from, that saying something is the same as doing it? The whole theory entails that someone who has accepted Jesus will then go on and try to live a Christian life, not carry on with the whole genocide and rape stuff.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle about it a while ago, a guy called Martin Luther saying that salvation couldn’t be bought from the Church but had to come from faith, all that sort of thing. Tens of thousands of people died over it. It’s been thought about pretty thoroughly, they really went into detail.

I would say that, in my opinion, the choice between granting eternal heavenly bliss or condemning to eternal damnation and torture is pretty black-and-white. About as black-and-white as it gets, one might say.

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If you’re going to hell for impure thoughts that you took no action on, well, we’re all toast. And besides, the Commandments talk about the neighbor’s wife like she’s property, which can’t be right; so God must not have run this past Mrs. God.

What better way to keep you perpetually guilty, repenting, and in need of God’s forgiveness than to posit what occurs naturally to us as “sin”?

Exactly, and not only continuous, but things that actually aren’t actually immoral.