comment on the "rules"

Hello, I just signed up to be a member on this site… I have been “lurking” for sometime now (I didn’t want to join a group - where i didn’t belong)

I read the rules and I have one question…

This is ignorant to me… If you are constantly obtaining new members then you are constantly obtaining new thoughts… Why wouldn’t you want to repeat the same issues? Don’t your thoughts change all the time? Don’t you have new insights daily on different topics, but sometimes repetitive… Even on the most “general” topics?

I honestly think that this “rule” is aweful… unless it is just the same people posting all the time… You are always getting new members, correct?

Perhaps it should just be re-worded… Are you trying to say not to post the same message over and over again in the same 48 hours or something? Not to mention… what is general to you may be because you only know a “general” viewpoint…

these are my thoughts…

Welcome to the forums!

I don’t think that rule is too stringently enforced. I mean, it would be rediculous to make a new thread on a given topic if one that already existed was visible on the first page. If you are following the other rules and make a thread where you explain something new, then yours would be unique for that, anyway, and would be about your idea as opposed to another’s. I wouldn’t expect that rule to change, but if you’re following all of the rest of the rules, you should do fine. A little bit of searching before creating topics would be nice, though. It’s really annoying when a newb joins and makes like 7 threads at once. Hang out, post a little in other people’s threads.

Thanks for joining and happy posting!

Hi r t,

Don’t be too concerned about this particular ‘rule’. It is meant more as a guideline. As pxc noted, the idea is to not have the “what is life?” thread appear a half dozen times in the space of a week. If you’ve been lurking you already have a ‘feel’ for what might be appropriate. Oh, and yes, the same questions have been asked countless times as new people become members. Each brings a slightly different view every time… Just try to post thoughtful ideas or questions. Enjoy yout time here.