Compared to Men, Women are so dumb

Went into a hardware store to buy floor sealer for a terrazzo concrete floor, the laquer that gives it that wonderful shine. There were a couple of guys who worked there talking amongst themselves, so I looked around the store, found what I was looking for and took it back to the counter to pay for it. Now I have their attention. They stopped talking and one looked at me and said in a very deliberate manner, “Now, you know what this is for, don’t you”. I looked at him and said "Duh, yes I do and I will be the one who also will be applying it. The other guy started laughing.

I mean…. WTF.

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There is only one correct way to reply:

“I think I could apply this to my nails and make them really shiny!!:heart:☆~ ^-^Do you know how much those tiny bottles of nail polish cost? OMG!”

This is not a rant.

This is essentially, I believe, quite a few men think, women are incapable of doing what appears to be cast as “men’s business”, when in fact, today women more often than not, are in a position where they have to do tasks that where considered in the past, a job for the man.

Hence, the attitude adopted by the salesman.

Try buying a car by yourself, lol.

“Is your husband or boyfriend going to be here soon?”


Especially before you drive it out of the showroom.

The salesman gives you instructions like"now this first gear, and so on……

Why, thank you darlin, I had no idea.

It’s even funnier when women try to think.

Yeah……I just wanna orgasm, but can you just keep doing what you’re doing, you know your deep philosophy thang, your a genius, Aeon.

You know you love me

Such behavior occurs most with young women. As women get older, it occurs far less.
Although I have seen more and more age bigotry. Older sales people thinking young customers are ignorant of what they purchase be it cars or tools. It could be due to lawyers finding liability. I recall a recent news piece that a law suit had been filed against a dearship that sold a stick shift sports car to a young man who never drove stick before. The young man caused a serious accident due to his ignorance.

Two lesbians built a house together, but it all fell apart -it was all tongue & groove! :wink:

Knowing men, there’s a good chance he was trying to get a rise out of you.

Which more or less proves my point.

Why single out one sex over the over.

Yep. Idiocy is not gender specific, it is an equal opportunity trait.

gib wrote:

or, knowing men, maybe he was just a nice man and that was all there was to it. :slight_smile:

Kriswest wrote:

If I can venture into men’s so called territory, I would have to say that women are as adept as men at wielding heavy tools, for example hammers.

There are many situations where a woman needs to use a hammer. Granted the force would not be as hard when wielded by a woman, but the accuracy would be the same.

You mean, he was just trying to be helpful? Maybe.

Let’s confront the obvious.

Females/Women have a severe inferiority complex to men, and this is caused by an innate gender difference.

Why do “modern women”, and “feminists” feel the overwhelming need to justify “equality” of gender, unless of course, the genders are already (innately) unequal?

Why force women to be like men and men to be like women, when this is unnatural?

It seems that shieldmaiden, and phoney, both want (undue, unearned) respect from men. This is the premise, correct?

While I agree that I think the bulk of women suffer an inferiority complex, there is nothing innate or natural about this.

Yes, men and woman are different. Men excel at certain things and leave women in their dust. Women excel at certain things and leave men in their dust. But it requires culture, not nature, to label the things men excel at as “better”.

After contemplating this matter for a long time, putting a lot of thought into it, I disagree.

What are women “better at” then men, exactly? Anything at all? Maybe giving birth to children, that’s it?

Here is where the first innate difference appears. Karen Straughan the popular MRActivist “girlwriteswhat” once said quoted another that females are “human beings” but males are “human doings”. Commonly males are defined and valued through action, notably in male-to-male competition which promotes physical violence, of which the epitome is war, where (male) soldiers simply kill and annihilate each other.

The female realm, “being human” is different. Females have sedentary value. Pretty objects to look at. Valued superficially, for merely existing. Females uphold and herald the value of Beauty above all. Females compete among females in terms of beauty, “being the most beautiful”.

A male’s value in life goes up from birth.
A female’s value in life goes down from birth.

Males are born with 0 innate value.
Females are born with immense innate value, let’s say 1000 or 100.

So a female, innately, is worth the life of 1000 men, just for being born. But her innate value degrades and degenerates as she grows older and opens herself to more sexual partners (sluttiness).

Anybody disagree or shall we all move forward from these well known, but unspoken premises?