connections to.....

as I have been contemplating this topic for a while,
I think, perhaps, I may have some answers…

as I have watch Sammy/Lori and UR, posts anti-immigrant nonsense,
I have wondered about possible questions and answers…

as Sammy especially seems to post anti-immigrant video’s,
that specifically points out black behavior… the reason is simple
enough, Sammy is racist, bigoted and prejudice against blacks…
black people are always the core of his attacks… never white people,
but blacks… and he often ask, why do have to live like this?

of course, he never, as the bigoted often don’t realize, his own words, actions
and behavior play a role in this… as he never posts video’s of white attacking
others, just blacks, his problem is not in fact, immigration, but his clear and
easily seen bigotry/prejudice against blacks…

one of the ways, especially the way the right and Sammy see’s immigrants,
as they are not human, they are in fact, according to Sammy, subhuman,
and easily subject to his agenda which is, as he has never denied,
the genocide of blacks… most countries have engaged in, even if mildly,
the act of genocide against other people… the American version of genocide
is the attempt to wipe out the Native American Indians…but this genocide
is only possible if, if you regard them as subhuman, not being human as you
are human… this attempt to convince others that blacks are subhuman,
is to repost, over and over again, often fake video’ of blacks being violent…
but Sammy lies about what really happens… and the video’s are often
very unclear about the actual events themselves… a video of a man,
especially a black man, attacking someone, anyone, is suddenly turned
into an immigrant attacking a native citizen… we have no evidence, of course,
of who is who… maybe and much more likely, is that the person being attacked
is the immigrant and the person attacking is the native… we have no evidence to
point to… we can’t even tell from the various video’s who is the native and who isn’t,
if anyone at all is an immigrant or perhaps both are immigrants or perhaps
both are citizens… we have no way of knowing… but the idea is to create a
narrative that paints blacks as the immigrant, the evil one… regardless of
who is doing what…

this idea is to create the narrative that blacks, especially one is an immigrant,
is evil and must be sent to prison, at best, or become part of the real call to action,
which is to create the call for a genocide against black people…as that is
the real point of Sammy’s video’s…

and the path to this genocide is to dehumanize, devalue, turn black
people… PEOPLE, into sub humans… to deny them human lives and values…
anti-immigration is not the point, to create the conditions where we
are in favor of a genocide of black people is the point…and here is
my objection to Sammy/UR attack on black people… that they
are human, with human values and human beliefs… to deny them
that humanity is to devalue, to create a nihilistic understanding of
black people… for that is nihilism, to devalue, dehumanize other
human beings and their values… which is exactly what Sammy/UR
attempt to do…which is why they attack diversity and unity and love…
for that returns to others, their humanity, their values… to love another,
regardless of their sex, that allows others their humanity, to be human…
but Sammy/UR denies diversity, because that returns others to
being human…that is why I am in favor of immigration and other
forms of diversity… it allows others the right, God-given, if you will,
the right to become who they are…and that is human… to deny that,
is to deny others the right to be human, subhuman at best…
and creates the possibility for a genocide of others, based on such
accidental traits as race, color, nationality, sexual identity, or even as
men or women… to have a genocide of the Jews, is to deny them
their rights as human beings, to treat them as sub human…

and this is where Sammy/UR and I turn away from each other…

I want to treat human beings, all human beings equally… as is their
right because of their being human… we are not connected
by politics or race or creed… which a "guiding principle’’
a ‘‘doctrine’’ or ‘‘belief’’ of others… we are connected on the most
basic level, which is being human… that is our connection to each other…
I am human and you are human… the rest really doesn’t matter…
if we are white or Jewish or male or democrat, those are connections
that matter not…the only thing that counts, that really counts is our
connection to each other based on being human… and that is the
connection denied by Sammy/UR…

you have value, and worth if you are human… and being human is enough
to guarantee the right to the basic necessities of life… to food, water, shelter,
health care, education… along with the psychological necessities of life,
love, safety/security, a sense of belonging, a sense of esteem, all of these
are things that human beings must have psychologically… to deny human beings
the basics of being human, is to participate in a denial of human beings… to devalue
them, to dehumanize them, to bring them to the point of seeming to be, sub human…
which then is the basic point of which we can proceed to a genocide of others…
it is easy to see others as subhuman and then to proceed to create a
genocide of those people…

I am not as concerned with immigration as Sammy/UR are… but I am concerned
with the dehumanization of others enough to engage in a genocide of others based
on race, creed, color, nationality, sexual orientation… an genocide of gays,
as has been suggested, a genocide of liberals, of a genocide of Atheist,
all of which have been proposed over the last several years…

instead of thinking of people, all people as being connected to me,
I can separate out some people based on fear, prejudice, bigotry…
and dehumanize them… and then practice genocide against them…

the path into the future is to see people, all people as connected to me,
and then when that is finally achieved, then to see all people as part of life…
and that is the next goal… to connect human beings with LIFE… regardless
of who that life is or what it looks like… as a human being, I am connected
to other animals… to other life such as tree’s and bushes… life, all life is
a connection to me and I am connected to it… and that will be a very good
day to be life… not just human but life…