Conspiracy theories! Yea my favorite!

I just think that they needed a Bush in office to send poor chaps like me to war. Gore wouldn’t have done it. They needed a reason, so they set up September 11th to make money on the stock market, and to justify war. Last I noticed Al Qaeda (however you spell it) isn’t in Iraq. But nonetheless we went over and fought for no reason. That wasn’t an election. It was a selection, more like a strategic chess move.

But those are just my conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories! yea my favorite. :smiley: gathers his thoughts

The world trade centre smooth, wasnt done by Bush - it was Israel, obviously. in corroboration 4,000 jews who worked in the twin towers had been secretly warned to stay away that day.* or it could of been the serbs; or the military in need for more enemys and bigger budgets. all in all it must of been al-Gur. This is a good one; some African cults think aids was made in a American lab, of course, to kill black people (and condoms). Indians think pakistan intelligence is behind everything, from cricket match fixing to de-railed trains.

John F. Kennedy. ~
– A secret service agent shot him by accident
– a secret service agent shot him deliberately
– a dart shot from a umbrella killed him
– three tramps, who subsequently disappeared
– it was connected with a cover-up of the CIA’s creation of the AID’s virus to use against Cuba
– he killed himself
Masons or Zionists or Papists

Catholics undermine protestant morals. Samuel Morse exposed an austrian plan to install a Hapsburg prince as emperor of the United States, as “Masons and Marxists rule the world”. A secret agreement between Britian and France to divvy up the middle east between themselves, so a war pressed britain gave the growing zionist movement a home in palestine.

A Christian crusade against Islam, to control oil. Osama bin laden didnt blow up the trade centre he just generally believes he is fighting a Zionist-Christian-materialist assault on Islam. Adolf Hitler sincerely believed he was riding the world of a Jewish menace. Many Serbs believed
muslims (in ex yugoslavia) were out to annihilate them; in Rwanda Hutus, informed by there leaders that the Tutsis were planning to kill them, were happy to “pre-empt” the threat. I do believe the joys of conspiracy’s and many were found to be true, look at the holocaust no one thought that really was happening; the gunpower plot by a gang of Catholics? carlist uprisings in 19th century Spain? or European anarchists who assassinated seven heads of state in the 1890s, to no avail? Or the Watergate scandel?

Yeah Kesh. Ok now. Don’t say too much. Big Brother might have a profile in here. Ever noticed how there is always an unregistered user 10 minutes after someone logs in?

Let me stop before I get shot.

The biggest conspiracy theory for me is this dumb ass idea of an Electoral College in America. It is pointless and useless, and alot of people are so stupid that they don’t know it exists. I can’t vote because I’m not a citizen of the States, well at least not yet, but if I did I would be very upset knowing that my vote really doesn’t count.


All it would take to enslave the world would be to convince the people that paper and credit are money. Those who labor for paper or credit would be slaves to those who got the paper or credit first without laboring for them. The first users of paper “money” and credit always get them for absolutely nothing. The last users must always get absolutely nothing for them. As slaves get less and less for these unjust weights, forbidden by God, they THINK the things they acquire are gaining in value when in fact the total worthlessness of their “money” is becoming apparent. “What fools these mortals be!” [Shakespeare]

All it would take to keep the people enslaved is to keep them convinced they are free while keeping them fearful of being jailed if they don’t waive their rights and defy God’s Law (Exodus 23:1-2) by calling these unjust weights “dollars” on a 1040 confession form. FREE people don’t fear their servants! They fire them! It would help to keep them fearful of being enslaved by a country who has the same masters and who can not whip TINY Afghanistan in FOUR years. That country borrows from Western bankers and “The borrower is servant to the lender.” (Proverbs 22:7). WHO would challenge the wisdom of King Solomon?

If someone could induce or force you to accept sticks of wood for all of your labor, wouldn’t that make you their slave? If merchants were induced to accept those sticks of wood from you, would you be any less a slave? If the sticks of wood were reduced to pulp, made into paper and printed green on one side and black on the other with portraits of dead presidents, would you be any less a slave? If the first users of that paper gave ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR IT, paid no taxes of any kind and were called “The Federal Reserve”, would you not be their

Who can deny that slavery exists when one group of people regularly and systematically, day after day and year after year take the production of everyone else without offering any production in exchange? Who can deny that there are 15,000 commercial bankers and 12 Federal Reserve Banks, plus all of their employees and uncountable government drones who are consuming production and offering no production in exchange? Who will deny that the job of the non-productive loot sharing welfarites is to re-elect the government drones who protect the parasitic bankers? Who will deny that there can be no communism without bank credit and those sticks of wood reduced to pulp, made into paper and printed with portraits of dead presidents which appeal to patriotic thoughts? Who in America would accept the same paper tokens with portraits of Marx and Lenin? Who will deny that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 fulfilled the 5th Plank of the Marx’s Communist Manifesto and legalized what bankers were
once hung for?

Who can deny that SIX states at one time or another prohibited banking IN THEIR CONSTITUTIONS? Who can deny that the history of banking is a history of fraud and that the Federal Reserve essentially admits this in their free publication “Modern Money Mechanics?”

Who can deny that the IRS is in fact George Orwell’s THOUGHT POLICE who neither want nor collect money, and that their job is to influence our thinking with FEAR and to monitor our thinking on 1040 confession forms which when filed, the signer waives his rights that millions bled and died to preserve for all of us? If you think what they want you to think (that checks are dollars), they might think about not bothering you. HOW can you send them MONEY when the Federal Reserve states that your bank deposits are “merely book entries” and their system “works only with credit”, and the IRS states that dollars bills “are not dollars”??? WHY should they even want the PAPER from us when the GOVERNMENT PRINTS ALL THEY NEED TO CONTROL US WITH?

  "My people perish for lack of knowledge" [Hosea 4:6]

|:: A P P L A U S E : :expressionless:




My sentiments exactly. What spawned that? That was a work of art right there. I agree with you 1,000,000%. And to add insult to injury, the public education system does not teach financial education. All these schools teach our young people in America how to be perfect employees. And not teaching them how to be excellent employers. I haven’t read 1984, is this inspired by the book?

All this microsoft software been broken into, the virus that meant to be affecting computers and a increase in computer shares in the New York stock exchange.

Im very suspious of what them pink elephants are upto: you may not of seen them but they dont fool me.


Kesh, what you wrote in blue, is that your own words and insights on the matter?

Its a quote from
I found it along with many others on similar lines and interest when used to be a bit of a wannabe communist. It was just after i had read the book (i think) i put it in blue as a quote but smooth seemed to think it was me. :blush: :smiley:

“I must confess, I was the second gunman on the grassy knoll”- Ace Ventura

Somebody help me out with this. I caught the tail end of a program on the History channel last night dealing with the assination of JFK. Now, I’ve heard a few theories as to what actually happened, but this program seemed to give facts that cannot be disputed. One was that there were many eye witnesses that saw a bullet hole in the windshield of the car, entering at the front, which would be impossible for Oswald since he was to the right and at the rear. Also, that Kennedy was shot in the neck and back of the head, as well as the temple shot from Oswald, which suggests that not only were there two shooters, but possibly a third. The autopsy report, before being covered up, claimed that there were at least two wounds that were entry points, if not a third. What is going on here? What did I miss? Did the CIA have em’ rubbed out? Why the big cover up?

Argh your essence must of rubbed on me, ive just this minute been watch that film. The best line for me: It’s got weird music in the back ground as Ace
is at Ray finnclers house he knocks on the door, a small hole opens “Hi, Im looking for Ray Fincle” a huge rafle comes out of the door and nearly pokes his eye out “and a fresh pair of shorts” :laughing: oow it gets me everytime.

Because the giant goat says so. But keep it to yourself.

PS dont tell anyone or it will attack us with its hooves, clompy clomp, clompty clompty…ow the night mares return :confused:

Look at the video of the shooting. JFK’s head jerks back and to the left. The shot, officially, entered at the back-left of JFK’s head. Now, I’m no physicist, but I’d expect his head to move the other way if that were true.

Also, the fact the Oswald, despite his training, could never, ever have fired 3 shots in 6 secondes with a bolt-action rifle that had a broken action.

Take a look at the list of witnesses. 52 Knoll, 48 Depository, 70 “Not Asked”. Further, take a look at the aerial picture of Dealy Plaza. Why would have LHO waited for a winding road when he had a straight road that would have been alot easier.
The photo of LHO is also a bit weird. Look at the shadows, chin and angle.
Last but not least, “Phase-out of US forces. SECDEF advised that the phase-out program presented during 6 May conference appeared too slow. In consonance with Part III request you develop a revised plan to accomplish more rapid phase-out of U.S. forces.”

if you want to know who REALLY killed JFK, click[/url]

lady sphinx: the link doesnt work… :confused:

kesh: wonderful quotes. hence the reason why i am an anarcho communist and agree with marx. mankind shouldnt be enslaved by THE MAN and the economy