I was told that you can get something copyrighted by mailing it to yourself and not opening. Is that true or what?

As far as I know, any tangible original work is considered copyright of the owner as soon as it’s written/recorded etc. The idea of sending it to yourself is to prove you had the idea first because the stamp will have an official datemark on it. So technically it’s already copyright once you create it but to make sure you have a good case if someone steals your idea it is best to mail yourself a copy without opening it and keep it in a safe place. You can also register at a copyright office.

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Awesome. Thanks.

For a thorough understanding on copyright laws, I suggest looking up the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) in google. I use to have a link that led to a copy of the original document, I have searched for it briefly now, but cannot find it. Should anyone find a link to the full text of the DMCA please post it - it is a great source of information.

What’s your take?

Is this what your looking for Gadfly?

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nice try, you clicked the first link that came up in google :unamused: . Do you honestly think I am that dumb :frowning: ? I guess I shouldn’t be asking :confused: . Anyway, the link you provide is only a small excerpt of the actual DMCA. FULL TEXT justifiedflaw, FULL TEXT. :wink:


Full Text of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The link said it was the full text, since I have no idea what it’s suppose to be in it, I can’t tell.