Counting The Votes in November

Any ideas on how to double check on the final vote tally? Maybe a snapchat of drivers licenses for Trump, for Biden, and for the other presidential candidates. They’d be verifiable by all and easily identifiably placed under the President of their choice.

Other suggestions welcome.

Mail-in voting is completely vulnerable to manipulation and fraud, which is why the DNC pushes it so hard.

How do you know any would-be fraud will be in favor of Biden and not trumpf?

Damn you didn’t think about that. Almost had a good point though. Imagine that.

DNC are the ones pushing the bills in congress. Republicans are neutral on mail-in voting.

Regardless of manipulation, it seems the losing-side is the one which needs the edge, hence pushing for it.

The Democrats are adamant about social distancing. That’s why they’re pushing for it as an alternative.

But even if they ‘need an edge’, mail in voting wouldnt be that edge for the reason I just gave.

And dude, this is simple reasoning involving only a few steps… and I still had to explain it to ya.

Lol, you must be joking.

Just like they “social distance” packed together in riots every night?? Yeah, that’s what it’s about…

K: feel free to name instances of mail in voting being manipulation or involving fraud?

actually, mail in voting is very safe… the U.S military has been doing so since
the Civil war and millions vote from other counties and have been doing so,
for decades… please show us instances of fraud in mail in voting?


K: and the GOP has been pushing voter suppression… and they seem to need an edge,
so they are engaged in denying votes… hence they are pushing for it…
losing side? yep… even the GOP admits that if voting was straight up and equal
not tampered with, they would lose and would have lost every single election since
2000… the GOP has to cheat and lie and steal to win elections and they admit it…


they should make it so the only way to cast a vote is through your income tax form
the only way to vote is from inside your turbotax account
or like when you send in your tax payment, their confirmation thingy comes with a digital ballot with a 256-bit encryption validation code
why we gotta vote like it’s the middle fucking ages
or like they don’t know how to tell a person is a person
when they know perfectly well who you are and how much you owe them
when it’s time to take your money
fuck the federal govt, man

K: and disenfranchise millions? yah, that is one attempt at voter suppression…
pretending to be a solution… to disenfranchise the poor…


disenfranchise people who don’t pay taxes
fuck yeah
what’s being a franchisee anyway
other than to be a person compulsorily enrolled into tax-payer status for being born within a territory
being a participating member of a club
means you gotta pay your membership fee
so yeah
fuck all of these millions
they don’t get to help choose anything
until they start helping foot the bill for all this shit

oh yeah also you don’t need to be wealthy to declare your income
in fact if you make less than 12K you don’t even need to pay anything at all
you just have to get on the fucking website and fill out a form
like a honest fucking citizen
who is aware of their civic duties
and therefore should be entitled to vote

suppress the fuck out of those votes
from people who have no business staking a claim on the decision making process of the country
y’all want to be all off the grid and fuck the man and all that
be my fucking guest, bitches
but rights come with responsibilities
so if you don’t do your duty you get neither

K: a return to the good old days where one must have wealth/property
before they could vote… how very democratic of you…voting based upon wealth
means only those with money can vote… and those without, no vote for you…

the entire point of a democracy is that we can have a say in how our lives
is govern and we don’t need to fulfill those pesky rules which keep out
the riff raff… you know that vast majority of people… keep voting
exclusive… to those with money…but we can’t allow those with some
money to vote because they won’t vote the way the really rich want, so,
to limit voting even more, let’s make it that only millionaires are able to vote…

a return to wealth a being the sole arbiter of being able to vote…

that is totally fair and objective… not…

yet, another right wing person against democracy…
no surprise there…


did you miss that part about how there is no limit on how much income you need to make to file income tax?
literally any legal citizen can file
which are coincidentally the people who have voting status
seems straightforward as fuck to me

maybe because having half a brain is an elitist right-wing thing to be these days

those pesky rules

annoying inconveniences of life

nothing that anybody could ever suffer through
for the opportunity to be part of deciding the destiny of the fucking planet

kropo i expect more from you from here on

K: two things, first we cannot allow voting to come from income tax forms
because of the very real threat that they will be misused to further limit
voting rights…

second, I don’t expect anything from you because you are a rightwing…
that would be expecting a dog to be able to fly… it can’t and never will…
so I have no expectations…there is no possibility for a right wing person
to be able to expand and grow as a human being… there are limited
by their very own thought to an engagement in seeing how limited
one can get…the right narrows down thought, the left expands it…

and so I have no expectations from you…


the only limiting that would do is keep voting rights to people who are eligible to vote

so yeah it would keep illegals out
and also the dead
and the people voting multiple times
also would make russian or whatever country’s intervention impossible (the encryption part)
AKA fraudulent votes

it would also allow you the delightful convenience of voting from home
as we are well capable to do
because it’s not the middle fucking ages

having that opinion does not make me a right wing
it makes me correct

but I have no political affiliations
i’m cool with taking shit from both sides
because you are all idiots

like holy shit
i can send MONEY across the globe
and it doesn’t get stolen
it arrives where it’s supposed to go in like 3 business days
but no, I can’t make a one-to-one data transfer that is literally 1 byte
without mysterious partisan meddling forces
or corporate sell outs
taking my byte and putting it somewhere else
are ya’ll fucking retarded?
oh, right, it’s the federal government, nevermind

I agree with phone.

Only tax-payers should get a vote. However, in the US, the socialists expend it to everybody, illegal immigrants, and want to include 16-year-olds. All a desperate bid to gain a majority vote.

How about that???

Conservatives want to show up and vote in person, presenting their IDs and voter registrations to do it legally and without delays using masks and social distancing.