coup attempt fails...

so the coup attempt fails in Washington DC…

this was a physical attempt to take over the government of the United States…

and that is called sedition…

and the leadership of the GOP is now holding IQ45 responsible for this sedition
and coup attempt…

we have seen the single worst attack on American soil since
the Civil war… in other words, I hold this sedition attempt
to be worse the 9/11 and Pear Harbor…

and those who support this are engaging in sedition…

including those on this site…

and the penalty for sedition is a felony punished by finds and up to
20 years in prison… I would argue that the kids on ILP who
have supported IQ45 should be given the hardest penalty for
their support of sedition…

I also would ask that these kids be banned, either temporary
or permanently… for their words supporting this sedition…


Oh calm down keter. These clowns couldn’t take over a porta john, much less the capital.

Interesting - that is exactly what they think of YOU and the socialist Dems.

See how this works?

You hide a horseshoe in your boxing glove and supposedly win the fight.
They come back with a Hammer.

You guys talking politics is funny to me.

So I’ll talk politics to you … and maybe it’ll be funny to you!

Biden is the lesser of two evils. That’s it.

Biden will do most the shit trump does (not all of it), but he at least speaks with a tone that’s fitting for a president.

I understand that in our modern internet era of trolls taking over the whole internet … that troll trump is the favorite…

But the thing is… tone matters to people who give a shit.

I still have a ways to go personally on tone… my wisdom of off the charts, but even then, I still need to evolve tone. Trump doesn’t even try.

It seems funny to you because you don’t know anything about it. And everyone recognizes that.

Oh, observer… you think you’re so fucking smart.

I’m going to put you in your place very fast.

I’m a subset of everyone and I don’t recognize that.

Obsrvr… I’m way smarter than you think I am, and you’re eventually going to learn that.

We speak different languages. I’m bilingual and you’re not.

No. I just think that you are not.

Dream on.

True. There are a lot of psychotic people who do not accept that they are.


You just keep dreaming. O:)

You haven’t even started living until you’ve been psychotic. Again, you think you know the difference… you don’t, you don’t know what you’re talking about.



was that the civil war that everyone keeps talking about? it didnt last long.

Yep that was the one.


i wanna say i expected better, but i didnt

Maybe that was merely the preview of what’s to come. After all the show must go on and the audience can not be disappointed.

cool maybe they will do some more tomorrow. im free until about 3pm so i may get to watch a bit of it. i was really hoping to see a bunch of trump supporters gassed and shot with rubber bullets. maybe itll happen.

imagine taking the white house, taking the senate, and getting to see magats gassed all in a short period of time i cant think of anything better