creation myth

aboriginal cultures since start of time have their own creation stories

Why did peole come up with myths to explain their creation?

I know they could not answer the question totaly of where did “Man” come from, but why come up with a belife system that in the end dominated those who created it. another instance of tools of man dominating man.

Why did peole come up with myths to explain their creation?

did? that’s past tense…evolution, marxism, free trade, religion, science…all of these are myths, fictions we provide to give structure and meaning- explaination to the suffering…these are the grand narratives of our time…also to say that they dominate man is misleading, they are our tools and they have shaped our evolution, culturally, what you perceive as domination is our evolution…necessary stages upon our grand evolution to the end of the page, as fukuyama(?) calls it the end of history- a grand fiction is ever there was one…

these narratives encompass your entire worldview, they can be split down and selected for and against in the same ways that dawkins identifies in gene selection…it is meaningless to separate these narrative forms from our own conscious processes, they are one and the same…constituent parts, memes as some people label them- the ‘narrative’ of memes is itself a tool…
god it goes on and on and on…but it flows like that

yeah I agree Thales,
I think it’s near impossible to seperate someones beliefs systems from the question of origins, because it is always so close to us. We have to experience ourselves everyday and the logical question after that is ‘where?’ and ‘why?’

excacly,thales and science is a way to prove it with proved reasoning.