Cultural Change

what change in the culture of modern society do you see on the verge?


I think religion is very well on it’s way to extinction, or maybe I’m wrong but if not extinction, it will definitely be evolving as it collides with scientific breakthrough and education of the masses.

Mainstream media. It’ll be killed by the internet. People will start to realise the ultra pro-capitalist slant the media puts on everything through the internet. People will become more reliant on independent and radical media sources for news.

Not really on the verge, this is happening already… but people will withdrawfurther into theirselves as technological diversions become more sophisticated.

we are on the verge of further hemoginization via globalization. there is just no stopping it. institutions like the eu, imf, wto, nafta, etc, etc, etc will continue to grow in size and power. we will eventually reach the point were they cannot be ignored, and this will change everything – the nation-state as we know it will considerably shif. ultametly, this will effect our views of citizenship and culture.

I view their will be problems between nation states and Global ogranizations. People dislike new things and most of all loss of power.

i see the galileo project’ as a shift in the world power base; which will send europe and china past america in electronics and chip-producing. eventually a recoil in the US dollar will send britian and sweden flying into the euro, making the euro the chief currency.