death as a philosophical limit

No philosopher hitherto has explained death in a way that makes it part of life. In other words no philosopher has taken the impersonal perspective and projected death as a meaning, as a part of the puzzle. Perhaps this is why philosophy up until now produces nothing but random, violent perishing.

What about the Buddha, the Christ, and all the other mystics? Maybe even Socrates?

In any case, I remember when I was 19 taking my first philosophy class (ethics 101) I asked the professor “has there ever been a philopher or philosopher that has taught the philosophy of death? That maybe death is the utlimate truth and that death/suicide would be the solution to all philosophical problems?”. He gave me a strange and worried look, paused for a moment, and then said “Buddhism. There are certain schools of Buddhism that have teachings related to what you are saying”.

In any case (once again), philosophers are terrified of death, and like overtly religious people when it comes to sex, like to push it under the rug.

That’s not really an honest thing to say.
I’m not just saying it’s incorrect, I’m saying its explicitly intellectually dishonest.
There’s no way you could know that.

A better approach might be to instead ASK about if they have.
That would be much more productive.

No this just is not true. Death is a necessary part of life. Life must be mortal in order for life to live. It is the natural cycle of life. Regardless of that, nothing in the universe is immortal or eternal, that is simply the nature of all things that exist, due to how they come into existence. The similarity parallels life, that bring this cycle of existence is dependent upon the termination of existence. Or the transformation of existence. This is all due to the physical laws of the universe, which some may say would adhere to this cycle as well.

What about Forrest Gump?

No one has taken the impersonal perspective and projected bowel movement as a meaning, as a part of the puzzle, either.
Or a bloody nose, sneezing, blinking, fingernail growth, tripping, breaking a bone, reacting and failing, or retardations in all physical components possible.
Some things just exist. It’s up to each person to determine what is blessed with meaning.

It lacks resonating staying power because philosophers do not present their philosophies as if they are a religion.
They present them as if they are empirical findings to be debated in claim for some ultimate version where somehow only one is alleged to be right, and each approaches as if having discerned just this within their tangent of interest.

If philosophers were each clergy, and each openly offering a perspective that could accomplish a sense of life that some people may choose to feel with the intention of immediately embracing the perspective as sacred, then philosophy would be different.

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Actually, Hegesias (known as the death persuader) was a Cyrenaic Philosopher who advocated suicide as an end to pain and suffering.