Death's Head (video game concept)

In this game you play the role of a Nazi preacher battling to defeat the forces of decadence.

Level 1 (Salem): After battling and defeating the witches and sorcerors, you face Beelzebub.

Level 2 (San Francisco): After battling and defeating the faggots, you face-off against the Knowers on a giant stage. Once they are defeated, the stage is burned down.

Level 3 (Israel): After battling and defeating the Kikes, you have a final showdown with Nietzsche’s Heart, which keeps trying to shoot you. Use your newly aquired special power ‘Speak The Truth’ to put holes in it. Eventually it will disappear and the forces of decadence will be defeated once and for all!

The End.

Only three stages? This game is a ripoff…

Sounds more fun than Left Behind.

But, of course, less fun than Left4Dead.

I think it’s interesting to look at the relationship between Christianity and National Socialism. Hitler wrote unfavorably of ‘the dear little ape of the almighty’ - he obviously had little respect for the clergy. But there is undeniably a spiritual aspect to the National Socialist movement and it’s conservative elements are to a significant extent shared by the Church. The game I outlined finds it’s relationship to Nazism here; to cleanse the world of harmfully degenerate things is the goal- although to be fair, for the Nazi it’s only a primary means (to a better, stronger race). But one must remember that the Christian fails to delineate reality as it is and so identifies pariahs who are none.

The Nazis were big on Positive Christianity.

I must say Impious, I find your game intriguing.

video lames are lame.

So was your post count until you went into this post in dead threads spree today.

Who rang your bell ?

Nobody, I was just playing around. I actually posted in a couple of dead Creative Writing threads yesterday.

I think it’s a little unfair to posit a link between Christianity and National Socialism, just because one of them tried to brainwash, indoctrinate and control the public so there could be no challenge to their bigoted and rationally flawed rhetoric… and the other ones were Nazis, doesn’t mean there’s anything more than a co-incidental link.