Deep, in the jungle

deep, in the jungle
with no machete.
you don’t recall
how you got here –
it’s worth forgetting.
slashing organic obstacles
sucks (with just your
hands) because it’s
but rough, and stuck with an
out that isn’t easy, WELL, can be hell,
it were
you could ACCEPT
fate and snuggle up to
your sweet death-
is check-

if escape
IS possible,
you become
impossibly incapable of rest…

deep, in the jungle

Man, I hope you’re wrong there…

I find myself deep in the philosophical jungle already. I don’t wanna go insane like Niestche.

Hey, hard facts.

You can’t handle the truth, Pureasonist. :evilfun:

So what do you suggest that I do? Stop ranting around in this forum and get drunk and smoked in a bar so that I won’t go nut when I’m 30 or something?

But, Pureasonist, you are already insane. Don’t you know? The last one to know are the lunatics. hehe. Don’t worry, you are not alone in the jungle.

Look at who’s messing about the word “insane” now. :wink:

I don’t mind being in the jungle, as long as I can get out of it whenever I want, without loosing a bit of me.

um…but Gamer said this:

if escape
IS possible,
you become
impossibly incapable of rest…

ta da…drum roll. :imp:


That’s why I said “man I hope you’re wrong there”. And I think he is. We can prevent ourselves from being biten by crocadiles and all the rest, we just gotta stay on the right track: the way of humanity. Philosophy that’s ignorant of human nature is even worse than Christianity.

They’re blanks!

Haha. Philosophy is very much aware of human nature. That IS WHY philosophy thrives. It chooses to ignore human nature and go against it. There is the DUEL between reason and human nature.

A drum roll doesn’t usually end with only a Dang right?

You said it. Art Of War: “100% winning rate only comes from knowing yourself and also the enemy.” Pureasonist: “perfect philosophy only comes from knowing Pureason and also human nature.”

Very nice. Gamer would be so proud of you! :sunglasses:

Come out Gamer, explain to me why she said that.

Not sure. But I had one more verse for this poem…

Legions of leafy cannibals
Calmly eat your sun
Releasing one unceasing smile
They know something simple
That you won’t know
For a while.

Pureasonist was no moron and I wonder how long you meant by a while.