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All about a perceived bad child . posted something about the very soul in chorus, that everyone who belongs knows the meaning for in jest it is ok if you belong bad boy child, but he ain’t bad big mama put in her piece, he thinkin’ he belong and scolded him, he’s sir, did I scold him, he thinks these adults are screwed and then he takes it off, amid a jingle of cacophony, birds , cats, wild amid whole lot of building going on, and he takes it off thinking it’s funny for of you belong anything goes, but anything .

Then , in disbelief , as 75 vultures take to the air, and delightfully flying shapely circles around the air, as if he would soon feast on delectable bites.
But then, there are 21 ways to look at a blackbird.

For the the birds consisted of one convoluted mass, in Hitchcock fashion waiting till the school mom and the kiddies come out from their classes, and then they would swoop down to deliver the final blow.

No, jests are meant for those who can dig up already dead carcasses, so that they may have a taste.

It is tasteless to try to invade the living , especially if they are young and inexperienced.

But Momma, oh Momma, I took it down really, and it was there merely hanging in midair, witch like, and then oops , the sweet turned sour, and I felt all of a sudden as not belonging, belonging anywhere, momma, feeling cut off, and planning to paste myself back together , momma.

Well they packed and unpacked, for they were tripping to myrtle beach, to rest, under the cruel black sun, he belonging to her, her to him.

Well I tell you , chile, big momma carefully whispering through her pursed lips, it sometime it ain’t worth it , for some are so rejectin’ so compensatin’ for their own shortcomin’s as to believe they can garner energy there.
But baby, that ain’t good now how, and they’d know it, and are rarely on the right track.
So hush up , and I don’t want to hear no moe bout it, for you belong , everywhere chil’e, don’t worry bout it , will pass , as the wind be gone one time.
And baby, get down on your knees and pray for this birds for they are as well the creation of the Lord.

Trouble trouble , toil and double

Cannot situationally project any one, any object, objection since

Ego. ergo. Sum
Sum ergo ego.

Because, unrepent desires, unspent,
After many a summer died.

Victim. Europeans read.
a lot cross.

The cross.
Cool breezes foreshadow here
Myrtle beach.
Need to write .
Birds and clattering voltures.
In the hood a section of Los angeles with high very high profiling caused by gangs protectin’ their turf.

The bloods and Crips lately have been making overtures toward peace. A wider perimeter. Chil’e noblisse oblige.

Ant-agony, Anthony, Antigone. Let the dead be buried. Let them be dead.

Victimhood was never meant to be repositioned in a straight and narrow grave.

Antagonists disdain either Victimhood or its nihilized opposition, usually they seek alliance or truce. Too much of either, causes malformed embriotic still births. Then the conquistador may need to either be done with, as they do to heroes in the Yukatan, or, elevated to unearthly heroics equally demolished.
Drac was a great guy after all, one bite guaranteed eternal life.

But warned sadly, of impending absence, for good cause, and abide by that as Alcibides consulting the …Oracle. Did he with Socrates?

Here is the cause celebre of the case: whether such even took place before the coming of Protegoras, for:

(“Ostensibly, the second Alcibiades concerns how one ought to pray, but Socrates seems above all interested in slowing Alcibiades down. What, after all, would a man as confident as Alcibiades be so dour about, and what would he be so unsure of that he would first consult the gods?” )A. Brewer, Ashland University.

at the end of the Meno dialogue Socrates finds himself forced to adopt the view that “whoever has virtue gets it by divine dispensation” (100B). 1 J. E. Raven, Plato’s Thought in the Making (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1965), pp. 43, 54. 2 Gilbert Ryle, Plato’s Progress (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1966), p. 217. a Raven, p. 75

Ill come back to Alcibiades, when the need arises, this merely in line of an effort to re-aligns the reconstructed patches into a formable tapestry.

Yukatan: the hero and the king and the high priest climb to the top of the pyramid, and there, the hero’s heart is savagely removed with his full blown cogniscience and cooperation, and raised toward high heavens, which he still glimmeringly retakes, for a year of plenty, assured for the coming rains.

Big Momma casually goes on, pro or con, fading crimson with each drop, whence the vampires of dark slurp to the granite foundations.

You need rest. I know it, and big Momma gently caressing his tiny loins, where the babe squeeling in delights.

Then the reader for proof, the proof reader slams it and say a I warn you. And three red rings are produced and
thrown into the sea.

I will abide by the oracle for sure, success means nothing after the sacred conjoin of the two principles.

Right only of the mundane
1st principal
Always drink alone at home
And never on Sunday
2nd principle

Keeping in mind the third Delphic guidance.
3rd principle

And what of it? Never conjoin 2 to make a trypish , and reduce IT where the experience of politics = the politics of experience.

And she tries very hard to swaddle the bad baby boy, a lill wispish , shot innocent sufferin’ .more- get- Roy, of a shot baby, innoscence personified,
and big momma gently places it into the hearth , makin’ to prepare chitlins and pork rinds…

The winds be gone the cotton candy clouds with prepissessin’ premonition.

to: MagsJ

Always forgettin’ always forgiviIng
Course really, they ain’t nothing unforgivin’ bout the whole thing.

Myrtle Beach idyll.

There are 3 kinds of arguments or systems of dialogue about them which make sense:
Ones talking generally , kind of objectively whereby, no requests for more ‘openness’ is required and where propositive assumptions are generally accepted on their face.

2 that require more insight into the other person(s), with or without the need for more qualification of specific types of information

3 the type which requestsany and all kinds of information , unqualified for reasons unforseen, or, unforceeable, accepting the least descriptive characterization of the objective ‘type’
This is a hybrid of both of the above, and usually one that breaks under the ‘closer’ aspects of getting nearer.
The break downs are prominent here because of the objective assumptions do not carefully gear with expectations both within the assumptive and the assumptor.
This causes the objective and the objectivity to flounder on the shores of identification, both from an interior projective and an exterior interjectove points of view.

Thus commences both the blame and attempts at vindication of either side.

The aggregate view represents gross inflation and/or deflation of either, accompanied by various defenses to alleviate hurt.