Democrat electorate vs ideology.

He rested his hand on her thigh at an event on sexual assault.
He is white male.
He leads in the polls.

okay, this says something about leadership vs electorate.
about ideology vs real values.

So that indignation over Trump was all fake…

Oh really. What a surprise.

Note: this is not me speaking out on behalf of these other democrats against Joe Biden. It is just my amazement at how a party that has reviled everything white and male and sexual comes up with a white highly sexual male leading the polls.

I know Im annoying, Iv been annoyed too much to remain respectful, but on second reading of this thread I had to modify it.

I could just as well interpret this positively, as a sign that the democratic movement now isn’t really all that representative of the liberal population.

If that is the case perhaps there will be more liberals like that Indian guy who said Trump should be supported for his withdrawal from Afghanistan and Syria. Moderate voices.
Biden is surely not a fanatic. I much prefer him to Cortez or Sanders or Warren or any of these hardliners. And maybe, with some of that sanctimonious aura that characterizes the Dems washed off him, he could be actually be a good leader.

Its tricky enough for him now to get out of the race, risking admissal of wrongdoings and a bad reputation. Maybe he can win. He would definitely make for a very different type of playing field, maybe the best thing is if he runs just to put some salt in the soup and change the taste of the race. If he stands for a return to normalcy in the left, he might win, provided he take the right woman as his vice… his running made.

Umm… yeah.

You do realize that there’s a program in MKULTRA, funded by the corporations that are blackmailing the US government (we’ll go to another country if you tax us) that is programming the human population to be against democrats??

You do realize that you’re an MKULTRA drone!?!?

Democrats want to tax the wealthy on a sliding scale and break up the monopolies. Duh!

So use MKULTRA mind control techniques to make the terms “democrat” and “republican” meaningless.

Let me explain this to you in a very succinct way:

When the Supreme Court decided that corporations were people, that ended individual or group accountability – the bill was simply footed to the customers, or corporate welfare bailouts from the tax payers

But it went further, a couple decades ago, the most important case that’s ever gone to the Supreme Court was a lawsuit against the new and burgeoning Fox News, that in order to call yourself a news organization, you had to report only facts… that was struck down.

EVERY NEWS ORGANIZATION In the United States is using MKULTRA mind control techniques, including NPR. This isn’t even coming from the Oval Office. The White House and the federal government including MKULTRA are in the hands of corporations now.

Donald trump is part of the MKULTRA initiative

Your ballots haven’t counted in DECADES!!!

Electronic voting counters with external wireless modems.

I’ll tell you what I’d do if I was running …

I’d call myself “the voting party”

My platform: your votes are being hacked by your own government and I’ll make your ballots count again.

Then I’ll spend the rest of 4 years twiddling my own dick in the Oval Office and be hailed as the greatest president who ever held office.

Read two posts above as well!

I’ll tell you how to detect a fraud candidate for any public office: they don’t run on: your votes are beings hacked by corporations who blackmailed the us government over 20 years ago. Let’s at least make your ballots count!!

If they don’t utter those words, they’re frauds.

Simple heuristics , and true, sound, and verifiable

Running made HAHAHAHA that was beautiful.

Yes, on the whole I agree with this. I tend to have sympathetic feelings towards Biden. But then, he still is a manufactured product of the political elite, he still manufactures his views and positions based on realpolitik, which is the thing Trump doesn’t have, what makes him a sane and powerful and good leader. I see this clearly when I imagine Biden in the situation room with the joint chiefs of staff figuring some thing out. To be fair, though, he manufactures with far more balls and something seeming like humanity than any other member of the political caste.

I’m ambivalent. But I definetly want him to run.

Wow! You guys seriously don’t get it at all.

Do basic internet research BASIC!!

The US elections have been hacked for over 20 years.

You guys are in an MKULTRA experiment.

google videos about Biden being creepy with women. He may never have committed a crime, but he comes off sick. I wouldn’t leave him around my daughters alone.
Character could be a right/conservative issue also. He was black doing that stuff in the videos, he wouldn’t stand the smallest chance of winning.

Trump broke up MKULTRA. Just as he destroyed Isis.
You’re on the side of the genocide. I truly pity you, as you are very clearly under permanent hypnosis.

I already pointed out to you that you’re a social engineer, which you turned out to be unaware of, with your spreading of rape propaganda disguised as social justice.
You need to shut your mouth and repent, youve been used for very sick purposes.
Even if it was beyond your will, it is you who carries the karmic burden.

It is clear that youve gone through unspeakable misery in your life. This has been the CIAs entry into you.
First insight to get; defining the world in terms of your own personal suffering is demonic. If you speak out again, try hard to do it from some remnant of joy (honest love) that you may have in you.

I think theres always a remnant.

Could you link to the evidence. Not saying it’s not there.

No I cant but Im glad you ask the question, and are aware of the program.
Ive been combatting it for years using the sort of means that are deleted from the internet.
Its scary to fight these people. I can’t tell you the slightest of it.

Im not saying Trump has been successful in fully eliminating it. But it is abundantly clear, as all the enemies he makes are deep state rapist types, all the trillions thrown at supplanting him, that he is making a dent.

It is amazing how successful the deep state is in convincing people that their vessel, the DNC, is anything but a rapemachine. It is so spectacular to see formerly decent people bungle along with that brutal harvester.

MKULTRA was broken up by congress in public hearings in the 70’s.

The actual current program doesn’t go by that name anymore.

You see: the argument that the us government uses to justify population control experiments is that “if we don’t do it, another government will, and that compromises national security”

It was you who called it by that name, remember?
Of course you don’t, you hypnotized rapist fuck.

Jesus Christ.

The horror, the horror…

I called by that name, because that’s what everyone knows, not because I was trying to be deceptive.

Let me explain a small potion of the vast mind control operation underway.

What does liberal mean to most people? The strict definition? Permissive.

No true liberal in their right minds would allow terrorists into the country who aren’t also liberal!! Terrorists are by definition, conservative …

Liberal is a virus that wants to reproduce itself (by definition)! Authoritativeness: read: terrorists are anti- liberal.

What the mind control experiment is doing is using only half the definition of liberal to make the claim that liberals are responsible with their permissiveness for all the ills of the world. That’s a lie: liberals by definition hate authoritarianism and totalitarisnism.

They’re giving you the IQ 40 definition of liberal.

The reason liberals are being attacked by corporations with mind control is because liberals don’t see corperations as people and that want a sliding scale on the tax bracket without loopholes, and to break up monopolies (all authoritarian and totalitarian ventures by the conservatives)

Believing liberals are the evil ones is precisely what the mind control program is designed for.

This is no longer about national security, it’s about keeping the rich rich and richer.