Depression and Junk Food????

Depression sucks, and we have probably all heard that it can be combated with proper diet and adding in missing nutrients. But who are we are fooling? Often, a clinically depressed person would prefer chocolate cake and potato chips for dinner rather than the salmon and salad that would help their condition. I think this is a situation that can be easily overcome.

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more often than nopt a clinically depressed person is that way because of more than an inadequate diet.

theres a different solution to a different problem… i think depression is more deeply rooted than nutrition and creature comforts… but i shall read your article!

Depression comes about through a variety of causes and conditions. I have no doubt that junk food is one of those conditions. I’m also sure it would be an exaggeration to claim it as the primary condition.

I heard over eating in depression is a disorder in that since people feel the lack of pleasure in life that the pleasure in eating is some people’s only alternative of feeling good amongst themselves through that of taste buds.

I have caught myself in this a couple of times too. #-o

eating junk food is delicious and makes you live longer and have less depression. The preservatives helps imortalize your inerds, and eating at mcdonalds makes you dance cool, thus eliminating depression phases, haven’t you seen the comercials?

ps. you can also win prizes while doing mcdonalds monopoly.