Desert Dwellers

Let’s call nihilists our desert dwellers.

Notice that none of them say what they believe in, what they stand for, what they are willing to die and live for.
They have no personal philosophy, no convictions to share.
What they call their “philosophy” is anti-philosophy, the end of philosophy, the destruction of thinking - negation is their philosophy; all they do is undermine shovel destabilizing sand beneath what others have created, offering nothing in return for what they destroy and undermine, because nothing is all they have, nothing is what they are…nothing is their god.
What they’ve learned they’ve appropriated from others, from settlers, building upon the ground, making a living from the earth; pretending to be their friends, to care for them, gradually gaining their trust by wearing their clothes, eating their food, wearing their masks, bedding their women, one night they take everything from them and leave nothing behind, because nothing is all they have.

All they have is what they were told from their desert shaman leaders.
Desert gurus have trained them how to pitch tents on the shifting sands, on the deserts of the real, using nothing more than their foreskins.
They roam from dune to dune, congregating around watering holes, pleasure oasis, in makeshift foreskin encampments, sharing tales of the desert, superstitions, strategies of thieving from passing caravans or from settlements.
Newcomers to their lifestyle have not adopted the tradition of physical self-mutilation - markings of the “worthy ones” - but have tried to compensate for their late coming by mutilating their minds, lobotomizing their brains, declaring themselves of be more worthy than the ones that taught them how to self-mutilate and, like Gypsies, to wander from place to place, never settling, never claiming, never making a stand, only appropriating, corrupting destroying, warping, thieving, in order to negate what they can never belong to, what they can never be.
From Freud to Wittgenstein and from Marx to Marcus, the foreskin tent tribe’s undermine, slander, shame, seed doubt, destroy confidence, grinding stone and metal to dust, to fine sand…adding to the deserts of the real more shifting dunes to swallow up settlements and passing caravans in violent sand storms - burying all and everything beneath their shiftiness.
All is rendered meaningless, worthless, all is at an end, so as to produce the desired desperation that will make the world vulnerable to their god of nothingness.
They never say what they stand for, what they believe in, they never construct a world-view, they never offer an alternate philosophy, these nay-sayers, they only defer to their annihilation gurus, they only speak though them; debating what others shave said, never daring to say anything themselves - speaking in Magian tongues, language is rendered meaningless because meaning is unacceptable; magical words and symbols casting their spells over those they exploit with supernatural promises and surreal hopes.
Meaninglessness is how the masses are kept vulnerable to exploitation, lost in the desert, unable to find a footing and make a stand - desperate and isolated, as the vultures soar above calling down ideological salvations. Meaninglessness is opportunity and these desert tribes are opportunists.
They say they want to help, that they are interested in your well-being but they are not. All they do is stand in the way of anything that will produce stability, contentment, resolve, confidence.
Those who are lost, uncertain, unstable, desperate, miserable, are prime targets to be exploited in the name of non-exploitation - just like their hypocritical one-god is really the god of nil; nothing as god.

We have some of those bearing the mark of the worthy ones, the physically mutilated, but we mostly have those who have become lost in those sandstorms and have taken to desert life, mutilating their minds, marking themselves as more worthy.


I am a traveller of both time and space…

Is destruction a form of construction?
Does disproving Evolution Theory, for instance, prove Creationism?
Is undermining every perspective a perspective, when you leave nothing in it space but a void?

Is deferring and referring to what another has said about reality, an indirect way of engaging reality?

Is seeding doubt a way of creating a certainty…certainty that those who are made unsure will be exploited?

Neo-Marxists secretly hate the proletariat.
They despise it. They don’t care for its welfare, they don’t care to belong to it. All they care about it is as a means to undermine a system that has excluded them, or as a means to sell revolution as a lifestyle a living.
All they care about is power, via others - political power, social effect, popularity - populism is their tool.

Communism is populated by individuals with little self-esteem…seeking self-validation through others, through their utility to others.
For them universalism, cosmopolitanism, humanism, is a way of expanding this pool of otherness, their marketplace, increasing the odds that they will be appreciated.

Remember value ontology - rooted in economic jargon…alluding to self-appreciation. Declaring yourself valuable so as to seed this belief in those who must validate it.

Why would you want to start a post with an hysterical polemical insult. Why not call nihilisits, nihilists?

Wrong. Since you have not spoken to all of them you cannot say anything abolsute about them.
And what you do say is inherently false. If nothing else a nihilism has a nihilist philosophy or or not a nihilist.

So first you talk bollocks then you contradict even yourself.

How would you know this since you have already said “none of them say what they believe in, what they stand for, what they are willing to die and live for.”?

Where is your evidence for these phantims of your own mind?

Now you are confusing your insult with your own fantasy world.

So are you talking about literal desert dwellers or are you talking about nihilists.

Is this a rant about 70% of American males, Jews and Muslims?

Seek psychiatric help

They can’t help but validate my positions, offering me themselves as tangible evidence of the psychosis I speak of.

Those who see…see.
Those that don’t, can’t, won’t…don’t.

Seek psychiatric help

ILP is this, nothing other than this.

Then they say…nobody does philosophy here…of course not. Nobody can…so it all becomes a tavern of intoxicated buffoons, and bar fights…and dames not being impressed…and on the sidelines a crowd watching the performance.

If I now tear this moron a new one…guess who will be the bad guy.

Destroying a philosophical position is not the creation philosophical position.
Doubting is easy. Denying, negating, dismissing, mocking is easy. Even morns can do it…and they do.
It’s easy…
Its motive is self-doubt, uncertainty…the mind ought to be made uncertain of what it senses…
What appears to be different is actually the same; what appears to be multiple is one.

The mind flees into the deserts of the real, in its own mind.

This is politics, not philosophy.
This is about exploiting and manipulating the masses, not reality.

One of the most important lessons of my life that I learned almost a couple decades ago,
Was that if you want to create something, and something beautiful, then prepare to defend it.
Because most people do not and cannot create, and if they can, then it is ugliness and crass.
Thus they destroy, and seek out beautiful things, so that they may deface or destroy it.
Out of spite more so than other motivations.

To create something beautiful, reminds them of the rot and nothingness in their own souls.

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… and that is why I created sentinel Z13 years ago.

I knew you and the destroyers were coming…

Even builders destroy that which was built by others, if not directly the others.

Not really, a creator does not have destructive drives. It’s a waste of time, when you are focused on your own imagination spawning something.

If a creative type does destroy something, then it is a joyless inconvenience, unlike the destructors who enjoy other people’s pain and misery.

Again, to a creative type, destruction is just not interesting or worthwhile. It’s a distraction at best, a necessity at worst.


“Spiteful Mutants” = Desperate Degenerates.

Higher mutation loads expressed via psychosomatic dysfunctions - sexual dysfunctions being the most obvious, e.g., fetishes, paraphilia etc.
Such unfit mutations were selected out of the human population but man created systems that protected them from nature. The wars used to purge them during periodic intense violence - mostly expendable males.
Now warfare is inefficient…so plagues may become the new method of purging mutational loads.

Female sexual choice is another way to filter out genetic mutations…unfortunately females are usually easily integrated into ideological constructs and act as memetic filters, excluding from the gene pool males with collectively undesirable ideologies.

Are all religions, all spiritualities, all gods created equal?
Of course not.

The gods of the Hellenes, pagans, represented forces of nature, given anthropomorphic characteristics to make them comprehensible by the laymen.
Is the god of Abrahamism the same?
That god is the antithesis of nature.
Ana abstraction of what does not exist and cannot exist, because it it did it would contradict what does exist.
An abstraction, an idea, an ideal…existing only in the mind and nowhere else, as a pattern of neural cells.
This is a god in antithesis to the pagan, Indo-European, representations of tangible reality.

So determining the words we use is essential.
How do ewe define “free” and “will” determines if free-will is experienced, and real, or dismissed as an illusion.
How we define “race” and “sex” and “gender” and “value” and "meaning…etc. determines if we can experience them - bring them “down to earth” or cast them away, in a occult below, or a supernatural above, either to mystify them or to negate them as nonsense.
We make them nonsense and then declare them to be so.