Developing spirit

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – each season corresponds to events in our psychic life, and it is winter that symbolizes life’s difficulties. In winter, all the forces in plant life descend and concentrate in the roots where they carry out a great work.

The roots correspond to the subconscious. In winter, that is in periods of difficulty, suffering or solitude, our forces withdraw inside us, into our subconscious, where they prepare great changes.

To live in winter symbolically speaking is difficult , but it is in winter that spring is prepared; soon these forces will be freed, and once again there will be blossoms everywhere and an abundant harvest.

Thus, we must simply be patient and wait for the currents to rise once again into our consciousness and superconsciousness.

But in order to facilitate this process, certain laws must be understood: during this cold period, we must neither complain, rebel, nor become discouraged, but simply light the fire within ourselves, in order to rekindle our heart .


to me, winter is dope. the snow is pure, and it covers up all the candyrappers. also walking in the cold, makes me feel my soul as seperate from my surroundings. winter freezes everything but life. also i can wrap better in the winter, like freestyle, but with out skis. (i dont smoke pot anymore).

“to me, winter is dope. the snow is pure, and it covers up all the candyrappers.”

Ok, that was a great sentence.

im flater’d, thanks.