Diabetes and how you get it.

Diabetes and how you get it.

This video is a critique of the standard understanding of diabetes and brings up a few issues about the philosophy of science and how it is used for the treatment of the diabetes pandemic.

So if you have diabetes, or is you think you shall become diabetic in the future watch this because it could save your life.


The world and its pet donkey, are avoiding seed oils, seeds, and any other high-lectin/high-yield/high-margin produce crap that the supermarket shelves have become stocked with.

Grains, legumes, pulses… all lectins and very indigestible to humans, which will lead to future long-term health problems in the long-run… and wherein the problem originally arose, is that modern produce strains have ridiculously high(er) levels of lectins, which causes mass devastation as it passes through the digestive system.

The odd bit of lectins won’t hurt, but why is it now in and on near-everything.

There is some amazing work being done, and I am reading it all ATM.
It’s become a bit of an obsession.
I’m pretty angry at taking all the advice when younger such as eating “olive”* margarine" instead of butter, and vegetable oil instead of animal fat.
I wonder how much of the fat I still have that will not go away is actually 20 years worth of TRANSFATS - now banned in several countries.

  • “olive” is a joke. Don’t get me wrong olive oil is the best, but totally screwed when hydrogenated into trans fat.

We have a couple of really good TV docs in the UK.
The Van Tulleken brothers and Michael Moseley.

Here’s Chris Van Tulleken surviving a month of standardised Supermarket craoplogy.
The results and what he says about children at the end of horrifying.


I’d be wiped out after just one day on that diet… I don’t know how he made it through an entire month.

I call that kinda food Frankenstein food… coz there ain’t nothing ‘au naturale’ about that kinda food. It’s… practically criminal.

I didn’t understand this ^^^ at first, but a few days later and I got what you meant… I shall DM you, on how to shift those last stubborn vestiges of (Frankenstein-created) fat.

Yea, lol… I haven’t had margarine in over two decades, or butter… nor any other kind of fat-based spread, come to that… I can live without… =;

I’m thinking of trying to re-introduce cottage cheese, cream, and natural yogurt, back into my diet. I have already done so with soft French cheeses… with no ill-effect, which has given me a sense of hopefully not-false hope. :smiley:

Can you find organic hemp butter?

It’s a complete protein (amino acids) and has omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids.

This is funny about nutrition …


You probably didn’t know about these 7 scientifically-proven benefits of nettle tea
healthshots.com/healthy-eat … o-make-it/

  1. Keeps blood sugar and blood pressure levels in check

Nettle is effective in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels, keeping them stable. Nettle can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. In addition, a 2013 study supports the fact that nettle leaf extract lowers the blood glucose level in people with type-2 diabetes.

I had a cup (shop-bought) yesterday and within half-an-hour my fibro pain dissipated, and is still at bay… so I’ll have another cup, when I feel it creeping back in. So the stuff does work.

Hey Sculptor… a humorous and informative video -with scientific backing- that I came across…


Nettles grow in profusion behind the house.
IN spring when the growth is fresh I pick some; drop them in boiling water and saute them in butter.
They are very filling.

What do you think about the video though… did you not see/watch it…?