did the nazi run over the woman by accident?

Ok, does anyone want to give me a final verdict on this?

Was the nazi running over the woman actually self-defense, or did he do it on purpose?


Don’t know what constitutes self-defence.

The police had closed off many streets so people and cars had a limited number of options how to get out of the city.
On the video footage we see how the car had stopped in front of some other cars and a mob of people blocking the street. Then we see the car getting hit by one of the people on the side with some sort of metal club at the rear followed by the car accelerating into the cars and mob in front of it.

The woman who got killed was actually not right in front of the moving car but between two of those cars standing still and unlike others she couldn’t get out of dodge quickly enough. She was obese.
I think cause of death was a heart-attack but don’t quote me on that bit.

Either way, to me it looks like a panic reaction due to being surrounded by club wielding Antifa who already showed their willingness to attack the Whites in non-Antifa clothing, and the car getting attacked from the rear.

He was fleeing in self-defense, to protect himself which is completely legal when you are in a car and fear for your life.