DNA Machine

A DNA machine would contain not only the entire human genome; it would be able to distinguish “faulty” gene sequences or omissions from a standard that specifies what is necessary for normal human growth and development.
We have only just discovered the entire human genome; so a DNA machine that could discover where it goes wrong and what could make it right is probably a science of the distant future. With discoveries of the gene sequences of known diseases, we are on the right track.

Its the idea of ‘DNA machine’ in the singular, which makes the idea unpalatable. Equally the idea of making improvements ~ based upon history of what humans are capable of, is not good. I can see us using such machines when we only know bits and pieces, and not all the vast complexities involved. It will probably be many machines, each doing a different jobs – which is also problematic.

on the other hand, we already have knowledge and methods to stop and reverse old age, and I think we should use it [not just for the rich]. so now you just got a massive population problem, and eventually a largely old population thick in their ways, and out of touch. perhaps death is a good thing as it refreshes things, its just a shame we can’t get rid of old age without getting rid of death.

From DNA machines, couldn’t we learn what life is like without inherited diseases? That should be their purpose, not attempts to increase longevity.

I agree, except I think ageing is also a disease ~ a genetic disorder. Perhaps there is some reason why nature didn’t make humans potentially immortal [some creatures don’t age – I think I read that some lobsters can just keep going], it is probably better or more genetically expedient for there to be a continued renewal. Old brains don’t learn much, get stuck in their ways and what have you.

Lobsters , catfish, turtles/tortoise do not move around a lot. Perhaps that could be part of the why. It sounds stupid but, genetically instead of moving energy that wears out , the body applies a growth energy. Yea I am not using the right words but, you get the idea.

Couldn’t old minds be renewed?