Do my posts make sense (poll)

Do my posts make any sense?

  • Yes, I understand your content
  • No, it’s muddled poetry, incomprehensible really
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I’ve recently been told by an unnamed source that my posts make zero sense.

Particularly my last two

they make more than zero sense but maybe not quite two cents

Well 2 cents is a reference to the cost of a bullet in WW11… As in "my two cents"the amount of money it costs to kill someone, otherwise translated as “on my life”. You just said my life isn’t worth living!

This does not make any sense, for example.


Honestly… your posts don’t make as much sense as you’d like them to. Not everybody is able to see your line of thinking or the steps you took or jumped over to get there. At the same time, you have the same problem in dealing with others and should probably work on your end of that problem.

Thanks for the feedback, even though it didn’t quote me…

I won’t put up a fight here, because I asked the gist of your opinions.

That’s two “nays”

It was a joke!!

Honestly people!

You understood the two options!!

4 of you fell for it!!


Does anyone question my clarity or intelligence now?

I had to!!!

I’m laughing so hard right now!

I kept the joke a secret from everyone to see what they’d do!

I’m totally amused right now

I got a 5th vote in the interim !!

This is really funny!!

You do realize that the choices are:

You understand the content of my posts

You don’t understand the content of my posts

There’s only one right answer !!!

Let’s see how many people who always call me stupid keep voting an impossible answer!!

This is really funny!

Now you know who you are!!!

I think it’s funny because I got no positive vote…

My nay-sayers are making idiots of themselves

It’s a joke people!!!

Maybe you’ll stop calling me a moron now!!

It’s sad when people without power go insane.

You can change your vote btw…

Begrudgingly !!!

I’m smart like a fox…

I was just teasing you folks

It’s sad when people contradict themselves…

I just peed in a toilet.

I have lots of power.

So do you.

This is the Wild West of the internet, smartest people, most free speech, and we all better each other.

I actually consider it an honor to be able to post with all of you.

It was a good joke!

What you said was intelligible

The comparison you made is a leap - The unstated object of my statement was “your posts” and not “your life”. With this additional information, to say:

“your posts make more than zero sense but not quite the amount of money it costs to kill someone” is perhaps a better word substitution

however it takes away the homonyms in my original word choice

You make sense, you’re just wrong. I mean, it’s not just that your premisses are wrong, your arguments are invalid as well; but I’ve still been able to follow your reasoning, in the little I’ve read of you. A Logic 101 class may go a long way. Tell me when you’ve taken one, then I may unfoe you.

I could not vote, you should have had another more neutral choice like undecided. I think it is wrong for you to ask this because your poetry is your poetry. A lot of good poetry like Pond don’t make too much sense to some readers, but that means nothing. I am not saying you are as good as Pond, but your own sense of what you mean matters. If you find some one, even one who can read it, then it’s worth the effort. I like some of your stuff, but then I am not too critical, except only as far as my capacity to understand .

No… but you can start making sense if you focus, and take onboard Sauw’s advice.

As I grow older…

I’m starting to realize that maybe only one or two people are sentient enough beings to understand me.

The logic and realism of my update of my essay is unassailable.

I suppose that’s all that matters.

I think I’m that person who digs where people are terrified.

What I’ve truly figured out about people, is they still want God.

They want meaning to the past.

Even if that means the brain modulating itself pattern wise to simply ignore.

Swaulleous is a prime example, ignore with no quote or counter argument, and mags patting him on the back for it.

I so desperately wanted a better world for all of us…

But the brains aren’t sentient, and I have to let go…

It’s a huge maturation process

I take great pride to this very day, for never using an ignore function online