Do planets need teddy bears?

Are teddy bears necessary, for a planet to exist?


Do you sleep with a teddy bear?

As proud owner of two teddy bears, yes, I think not
only planets but every single person on earth should own
at least one teddy bear…


Same question for you Peter, do you sleep with a teddy bear?

K: my wife is not a fan and so I don’t…They lie on the dresser
next to me…


Yet if your wife wasn’t there, you would be sleeping with one every night?

I have owned teddy bears my entire life…
it doesn’t really matter where they are…
I am rather concerned about your fascination with
teddy bears… Do you have a fetish about them?
Inquiring minds want to know?


You know they make pornos with girls who put strap ons onto teddy bears and bang the teddy bears. You gotta look some of that shit up.

:laughing: I don’t think peter has quite realised the full potential of this insult.

Don’t know, don’t care…
I am way past the age of giving a shit about what 12 year old children think…


Oh, I think he does.

I agree Peter…

Freaky Japanese?

Nah like American bitches.