Do you believe the truth is out there and why ?

To use X-Files lingo, do you believe the truth - whatever your humorous or serious
(philosophical, religious, or non-religious) definition of that is, is really out there
(or not) and please say why.

Truth is the state of being true.
True is the lack of difference, by some means of measure, between two things.

When people ask such questions, I tend to think that they don’t even think about what they are saying. Not knowing what they are saying, how can they be looking for an answer to a grammatically incorrect statement?

If one think about it, this grammatical abomination is incorporated into many a so-called formal system. Does it demonstrate that the author is thinking or just spitting out words like a parrot?

Psychologically such thought trains can never, in of themselves, lead to a solution, they express confusion–but not resolution.

Truth is only what you make it to be.

Truth is the adequacy tween intelligence and reality.