Do you own your clone?

A guy is walking down the street, spits on the ground, keeps walking.

A scientist walks up, siphons the spit into a small container, takes it to his lab, and produces a clone of the guy.

The scientist claims to own the genetic data, and the cloned person of the guy. Furthermore the scientist posts the genetic codes into a public domain for other scientists to use and manipulate for research. The guy’s genetics will be tampered with and manipulated how they see fit.

What say you? Who owns what and why?

Only people in a free society own anything.

Sue him for copyright infringement? :smiley:

Supposing a world of ownership of clones

i would rather own someone else’s clone

But I think this would not be the ideal

in a cloned age genetic data would be bought and sold.

people would not often be cloned without their consent, and thus the spitting man could sue the scientists for using his image without permission.

You’re right.