Do you really love philosophy?

[size=150]Do you really love philosophy?[/size]

Do I really love philosophy? Love? No, I don’t love philosophy, but I like philosophy. Probably I like philosophy even very much, but I don’t love philosophy.

But what about you? Do you really love philosophy?

Notice that the accentuation is on the word “love”!

One can love the next related and other next, but not the philosophy. Maybe I’ve merely mentioned a problem that belongs to the contrastive linguistics, because the English verb “love” is not exactly the same as e.g. the German verb “lieben”, and the English substantive “love” is not exactly the same as e.g. the German substantive “Liebe”, but even if it is so, it would also be a philosophical problem. The term “love” can refer to people, things, and everything else, but it doesn’t do it to the same extent ​​or with the same intensity in all languages. What do you think, if someone says “I love stones” instead of “I like stones”? If “love” and “like” become the same or almost the same - I think that’s the current semantic development of these two words -, then is is quite a loss of language and philosophy.

So again: Do you really love philosophy?

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I really love philosophy. I really like philosophy. It really matters little to make the distinction, because it has been so much watered down that i would not be totally out of line if I said i like god, but love my dog. And, if someone asked me why, I could say something as trivial as I love my dog because he understands me better then anyone else.

Then the retort to that, would follow, that God, understands You better than Your dog, can be countered with, yes but my dog barks when he understands.

So for you there is no or merely a little difference whether you love your parents, your siblings, your sons and daughters, and your wife, etc., or you “love” the dead things, the ideas, the images, the words and texts, the numbers and functions, etc.?

I think philosophy is stalking me.

Sometimes, I just want to be left alone and at peace.


Yeah, but sometimes one wants to be left alone and at peace by parents, siblings, sons and daughters, husbands or wives, etc., too.

Beloved humans are allowed to annoy or even to stalk, because they are loved.

I want to wallow in philosophy like a pig in shit. I love it.

A pig does not (necessarily) love the shit, but uses it only to get rid of annoying bugs. So a pig probably likes the shit, but it doesn’t love the shit.

You can always ask for a restraining order from the Church. :sunglasses:

I find it a helpful tool for life.

I wanna dive in it like scrooge mcduck dives into all that money on the show duck tales.

My loving parents, wife, etc. may be lopsided. It may be a delusion i want to believe. Delusions are conceptual. Therefore there is little difference.

Yes, philosophy is sometimes similar to art, but mostly yet different. It’s a bit like Schopenhauer said in his book: “Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung” (“The World as Will and Representation”), 1818. Merely the genius of music, or poetry, or visual arts, can consider and illustrate the eternal ideas by pure contemplation and unusual power of Imagination. The music has a particularly high significance, since the music does not reflect the ideas, what the other arts do, but the music is the immediate objectification of the world will in us. Do you like (not love :wink: ) Schopenhauer?

Therefore some music from Wolfgang A. Mozart and Ludwig v. Beethoven:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Die Zauberflöte, 1791. Ludwig van Beethoven, Ode an die Freude (Freude schöner Götterfunken), 1815-1824.

Then you probably like this songs:

Pink Floyd (Waters, Mason, Wright, Gilmour), Money, 1973. Pink Floyd (Waters, Mason, Wright, Gilmour), Pigs, 1977.

That must (also) be philosophy for you, right?

I once heard of a Swedish woman, that she was in love with the Berlin Wall (and still is - she has a part of the Berlin Wall at home). Her name is Eija-Riitta Wallis Winther Arja Nikki Lee Eklöf (* 20th of March 1954); she calls herself Eija-Riitta Eklöf-Berliner-Mauer. Her website: Http://

Love at first sight?

Which picture do you have in your head when you’re in love with the philosophy? Perhaps the following one:

In love?

You, Arminus, a good German, and me obe, a good hungarian, whatever, may understand that love what we call love be waaaaaaaaay different from what we think of it from how we feel about it. A lot of love, and i would not consider most of it., is projective, we want to believe we are loved to the same degree as we love, bur sorrily, late, too late we find out it is not so, and do gooders as we are supposed to be , and acting as we are supposed to, from ideal conceptions of love, we are stuck with responsibilities, which the GERMANS,or even EUROPEANS as a whole are very good at subscribing to. So , more often than not, we are left with lopsided definitions, feelings, but the good old Protestant ethic of do good, sticks, and we want to believe in love.
The same goes for religion, we go to church to impress our neighbors, friends, of our upright attitudes, and we intercourse our wives and lovers out of the need to satisfy per contractual responsibility. Then we hit the bier gartens with relish, relieved of having to justify ourselves.

I think, the English-speaking people, especially the US people, are very quick with the statement „I love“, especially „I love it“; so they often confuse the verbs „love“ and „like“, and (please take me not bad) they tend to exaggerations. It is not bad, but it is striking. „Okay then: I »love« philosophy.“

P.S.) When did you leave Hungary?

1956 during the revolution.

Thanks. And when did you fall in love with the philosophy?

UMMM, I don’t believe love is the correct answer.
I have been wrestling with philosophy for 40 years and this wrestling is
not about love but about understanding. I believe philosophy is not about love
but about the struggle for understanding. Love is peaceful, sunny walks on the beach,
flowers and a string quartet whereas philosophy is violent, competitive, forceful.
music by The Who. Philosophy is not love but doing battle.

Nietzsche: it is not enough to have the courage of your convictions, but you must have the courage for an
attack upon your convictions.


I do not think that the term love is appropriate in the case of philosophy, at least in the english language.
One can like or even dislike (like modern day scientists) philosophy. But, it cannot be the termed either as love or hate.

As far as i am concerned, i would say that i like philosophy but i do not love it.

Though, i am nowhere near to be an expert in english language but I think that we are missing one point about love.
Besides verb, love sometimes is also used as an idiom also.

Like in the sentence, I just love rock music, love is also a phrase to lay emphasis the intensity of the liking. Theoritically, love should not used for non living things, but used here intentionally as a idiom to show how extreme the liking is.

with love,