do you take yourself seriously?

hi all
as u can all see i’m new here
i’ve browsed around the forums and i have this question 4 u
do u take yourself seriously about this philosophy thing?

i am just curious

what exactly does it mean that we take/don’t take ourselves seriously? we surely don’t waste our time for nothing.

Unless your a Nihilist.

i am not very familiar with the Nihilist thesis, but i am sure that not even them devote themselves to activities for which they see no reason/benefits.

there is no reason


to some extent i agree. is there also no reason for human action?

that depends on the human


are you saying that there are people who do things without attaching a purpose or justificatio to their actions? I want an example.

I am not a mind reader… people do different things for different reasons…

and people do things for no reason at all…

example? put your hand on a hot stove…

do you immediately pull it away? or do you stop and consciously think, hey, that’s hot, I’m burning, I think I’ll move my hand?

I would argue that it is the former… people do things without reason or reasoning whatsoever…


Quick, dirty, universal explanation for all human behavior:

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

If you do things without reason, you are not rational, therefore you are insane. So people do things with reason, assuming they are sane. That isn’t to say that people don’t do things without thinking. On the contrary, there are countless who specific problems with impulsivity for example.

why do you eat food? is it because you believe the food that nourished you yesterday will nourish you again today? that is begging the question… logical fallacy… not rational…

you must be insane to eat because there is no rational reason to do so…

reason isn’t everything its cracked up to be…


i’m not a nihilist but i am a cynic
my intention was to see your reaction as ppl that post on a forum named “i love philosophy”
i think most of u really believe in this stuff

“I love Philosophy”

I don’t know anything about philosophy. Based on the posts, it’s pretty obvious that people take it seriously. However, the title of your thread is “Do you take yourself seriously?”. That’s quite different than asking if people here take philosophy seriously. It is to imply that philosophy, or this online forum defines the individuals participating.

I think I take myself seriously, not to say that I’m serious or have any real direction in life. I don’t know to what extent I take anything seriously, to do so is to become vulnerable- things can be snatched away from you or you may discover some awful truth! It’s easier to laugh at things, apply humor to them, devalue them. It’s got something to do with fear and happiness.

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” -Winnie the Pooh :sunglasses:

your reply contains some serious mistakes.

First you assume that doing things without a reason means that you are not rational. That could mean arational or irational. I think it’s important that we know which of them you ment. More, doing things with a reason does nor imply you are rational. The reason behind your action could be as well instinct, not rationality. Third, you imply that “not rational” equals “insane”. That is not valid, not even from a medical point of view.

you and your way of thinking/doing philosophy is the same for me
in general u are right, but let me tell u that its not easy to apply humour to life itself; irony is not nihilism and it not devaluates things, it rather puts them in a different perspective
for me philosophy as it is taught now in the universities form around the world has no more meaning nor importance

Well yes it does put things into a different perspective. I make light of situations that are hurting me in order to change my perspective, for me personally to remove an amount of value so that I can deal with them. It’s just a defense mechanism and I see your point as well.

What do you mean about the lack of meaning and importance regarding philosophy in schools?

Well, after all the nice rationalizations, I think xanderman said it best. There is nothing wrong with taking life seriously, just don’t take yourself seriously inside of that. After all, you can and will be replaced in a few years…


I like one of Nietzsche’s approaches.

He once mentioned something like limiting the spirit of seriousness to the ability and right to make promises, so to speak. Which, of course, is few and far between, one hardly ever knows everything, if ever. In that respect part of being serious is this realization, a kind of discrediting of oneself but in a harmless manner.

He suggested that it was appropriate to be mischievous when confronting oneself and the world, called it “Schadenfroh,” (I don’t have any Nietzsche text with me so the spelling of this German term could be incorrect), what I imagine is a sort of childlike innocence and enthusiasm, metaphorically speaking, a comparison to a serious creature with no worries or regrets.

A mind with the ability to humiliate itself without the need of rebounding is at terms with ultimate ignorance.

Seriousness is like a investment; one puts much stock in only what is hoped for. That is to say, that one is right.

Science should be gay, happy, mischievous and lighthearted.

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