Does everyone agree that Trump is nuts?

I’m not a psychologist but I did study psychology a little bit.

Trump is clearly suffering from anti-social personality disorder and probably narcissistic personality disorder. He has no conscience. He demands people worship him because he’s empty on the inside. He’s a compulsive liar. He’s unable to form close relationships with other people because he has no sense of empathy.

He has grandiose visions of himself although he is highly insecure and he bristles when anyone critiques him.

He’s a complete sociopath, in my opinion.

Does everyone agree that he’s nuts?

People who wish they were like that would disagree.

addendum: (there’s a lot of them! - some post here, prepare for the deluge of apologism)


In psychology, all sociopaths are narcissistic, but not all narcissists are sociopaths.

Trump is probably not a sociopath: he probably really believes that he is wrong sometimes. I only say “probably”.

This species has a tremendous amount of sociopathy in it, and in being so, are as morally indignant about trump as their subconscious is about themselves.

A non sociopath has no emotional attachment to the weather that is Donald trump … they aren’t projecting. They know he’s a moron, but the emotional element isn’t there. Non sociopaths don’t react to sociopathic projections the way that sociopaths do.

these classifications are ambiguous, man. i could argue that he’s neither. one could even argue that he’s over-socialized and very much desires the company of others… if only to be admired by them. and i’d not call him a narcissist. not a genuine narcissist. a genuine narcissist is more disposed to have exceptional pride, something that is mistaken as vanity by others who don’t recognize the exceptional thing about the narcissist that he is so prideful about. but here’s the thing, and where trump’s pseudo-narcissism comes in. because most who possess such excessive pride aren’t really exceptional by nature, the idea of narcissism becomes associated with vanity… and the genuine narcissists become mistaken as one of them. in trump’s case, what we see is unadulterated vanity and very little pride. why? because trump cannot lie to himself. he knows he’s a worthless pontz despite the public persona he maintains in the social sphere. that is to say he’s done nothing, and is nothing, he can really be prideful about, and so his self-admiration is a facade. secretly, he’s embarrassed and ashamed of himself. so no. not a genuine narcissist, because he feels nothing about himself he can be truly proud of and take pride in.

well he can but these relationships are centered around the false pretense of authenticity while in fact his socializing is only a kind of formal role-playing. generally the bourgeois lack the features of experience and struggle that otherwise bond people together and enrich their respect for each other. the bourgeois don’t get together to share experiences, but to suck each other off and tell stories of their most recent exploits. for trump, everything is an act… but this is important; it’s not that he can be real and is choosing to act, but that he essentially is an act on account of those missing qualities that give people depth and character. he plays the father role, he plays the husband role, but these relationships are most likely extremely shallow and without substance. the people trump surrounds himself with are basically ‘props’ for him, and because of his wealth and power, these despicable people gladly grovel at his feet.

nah that’s giving him too much credit. he’s too simple to be a sociopath. or maybe i just feel insulted because i’m a sociopath and i can’t stomach the fact that i’d be compared to such a weasel. yeah that’s probably it. look, just use another personality disorder to describe him with, if you don’t mind. i’ve worked all my life to perfect my pathology and i sure as shit don’t want some useless putz to be mistaken as one of my kind, ya know?

agree to disagree. He is the right man for the wrongest times in history. He is, or his main advisor, a managed genius, perturbed as a fox, brought up on a silver platter, breathing through the purest whisps of realization, a total spiritual wreck, seeking eternal hideaways, as did for instance some permanent recursively written figures of modernity.
The epitome of arrangement always highly symbolized by. The Garbo, who not only figuratively, but literally , lock stock and barrel took up residence in escapism. Trump seeks release from involvement by riding on empty, the emptiness of spiritual gasses of American idealism, refurbishing the old Chevy so that the levy will again come into focus.
He knows that works domination is long gone, but internal cohesion can not be maintained actually, but only by such appeal to the under-informed, that he can muster up from within his own infant terrible personality, somehow reverting to a very old firm of tragic-comedy, the birth of which formerly was performed through actual masks.

Nietzche tried removing them, and he really knew he went overboard, he really wanted to keep it within the secured wraps, but did not , couold not control the eventual unforceeable consequence of the inflexibility of Pandora’s box.

Now this is such a very slight film of separating the ideal under which anthropomorphic ideation rule, that it becomes structurally a veritable illusion of a reversed triangle.

Standing on their head, professing ethical desperation, crying heavenword obsessing mantra to 7th heaven.
“No, this is no what I wanted, I didn’t realize it would come to this!”

They got what they wished for, but they did not realize what it was.

The intellectuals dreaming up their functional equivalence are really not to be blamed, they mean well.
There is always, of course searches for safety valves, and they do, for the most part, work.

Trump is a safety valve, convenient, as he is used for that particular role: To show, the world, that YES, America is still, and always will be the only place on earth, that a chaplenisque character still get a part in modern society, and get by. That idea can even
appear to defeat the ideal without really doing so.
That is what happens in post modernity, everyone stars in his own Dali type hyper-exxageration, as an attitude for suppressing absurdist positions, again inverted by the hyperkinetic, frantic pace at which life becomes featured.
The logical contradiction becomes technically inversely proportional , as the repressed idea/ideal surfaces from a sea/see/saw of malleable uncertainty.

No, Trump may be crazy, but he ain’t no fool.

Didn’t that make sense to you? It still seems fine to me upon re-reading, but to clarify:

It seems to me as though some people actually admire the characteristics you describe, and that many even wish those characteristics fit themselves more than they already do.

Like so many people, he is beneath the intellectual and psychological game that those in politics are all trying to bend to their advantage - like a special needs kid who got into a chess tournament somehow, moves all the pieces around however he wants, switches them in plain view and denies it all - and all the people who could never compete at chess marvel at his genius in breaking all the rules and playing a different game to the mainstream. Another analogy might be modern art turning into taking a dump, and raking in the receipts through brand recognition and other base-level superficiality that cons fools into thinking they “get” art now. It’s a spectacle, in fitting with his background in reality TV and paranoidly managed public perception of success.

The irony is that politics already devolved into meaningless emptiness, such that when it’s juxta posed with open meaningless and emptiness it reveals it for all to see: the emperor’s new clothes. The kid isn’t doing anything clever, and isn’t meaning to expose anything, they’re just being a kid in public view - unintentionally serving as what was needed. Rulers who kept a fool were smarter - comedy has long been intentionally subverting politics, to the point where an unintentional fool can now simply “be there” and the whole thing falls apart.

He’s very obviously winging it. The idea that it’s intentional or even intelligent is wishful thinking - someone making stuff up on the spot and simply “saying things” looks exactly like what he’s doing. There isn’t even a hint of hidden competence underneath. It entertains, and fits the the dim view of “winning” in the eyes of those who know only petty cattiness. And the system is so far up its own ass it doesn’t know what to do with it. He’s highly pathological and obviously narcissistic, and has the lack of conscience characteristic of a psychopath - not necessarily making him one, but insofar as this makes him “nuts”, the point is that he’s an idiot in charge. The ones celebrating this for some emotional reason think they’re being clever, and attribute anything that can be seen as positive specifically to their figurehead’s intention through confirmation bias - it’s embarrassing seeing the vulnerable get conned.

But the question remains, does that make him nuts? I tend to agree with the clarification and then some.

And along another note: a byproduct.

“I made this” is a powerful statement and something to be proud of. To be a constructive force means you produce, not just consume. I don’t think Trump realizes it or it would be spun differently in politics. But to be a producer, a maker is a step up the creative wrung. It is something our national identity has left to the farmer’s markets, arts and crafts. A trade isn’t much different if you take pride in what you make.

I think it is a good thing we revitalize our production capacities. We don’t have to do it the same old corporate way but it feels good to produce something. There is worth to the simple act of creation on what ever scale. Just because I don’t think he understands what he does I think that’s nuts, but how many of us have much idea of what we are really doing?

Some good can come from even ignorance.

I would hope you all are aware that I am nuts, by any standard, crazy as a loon, and with-in that, you can make some sense of the vector of consideration. Or just flat out speaking out of turn.

I don’t know how sociopathic Trump is, but there’s nothing sociopathic about wanting to detain and deport illegals from your country.

And it makes sense to separate undocumented kids from undocumented Adults because, well, they’re undocumented.
Just because you say they’re your kids, doesn’t mean they are, you have to prove it.
Some illegals, which include drug dealers, human traffickers and pimps kidnap other peoples kids and use them to garner sympathy or sell them into sex slavery.
All felons get arrested and separated from their kids, why should undocumented felons be any different?
If I’m not mistaken, this practice was in place during the Obama, Bush and Clinton admins.
He’s simply enforcing the laws and procedures on the books, so what’s the problem?
The problem is: not necessarily all, but mainline dems don’t want the US to exist as a nation; they want open borders, but they don’t have the cajones to admit it, instead they libel and slander Trump and ICE so they lose support; that’s the only reason.
AOC, Omar and Tlaid are fucking nuts, and probably sociopaths, never mind Trump, but they’re just useful idiots, the deep state is pulling their strings.

the historical dialectic of materialism never presents its contradictions between thesis and antithesis suddenly and all at once, but instead provides rational hints and clues for recognizing the long-term unsustainability of some current situation which must be resolved by a synthesis… which we eventually realize and actualize over a long period of time. in this case, the problem is produced by the disparity between unequally developed countries that are neighboring each other. now history could have gone differently. for instance international socialism could have been fully implemented by now had the western proletariat grown wise to his situation much sooner… in which case you wouldn’t have such a disparity between mexico and america… in which case you wouldn’t have illegals crossing the boarder in droves. but because this synthesis was not achieved, the thesis (wealth) and anti-thesis (poverty) will eventually come into collision sooner or later between neighboring countries of unequal development, and cause all kinds of problems. what we are essentially seeing are the results of western capitalism not collapsing sooner.

but regarding the ‘problem’, it’s largely ideological and therefore nonsense. the war is not between ‘americans’ and ‘mexicans’ (these are just titles for pieces of property), but between the owners of the means of production and the workers. pedro and juan aren’t much different than joe and billy, practically speaking (maybe a little dirtier), but joe and billy have been ideologically brainwashed by centuries of conservatism and are made to believe that pedro and juan are the enemy.

p.s. i’m not affiliated with any political movement and have no legitimate citizenship (my constitutional rights have been violated). just an old anarchist who likes to watch the show from afar.

“regarding the ‘problem’, it’s largely ideological and therefore nonsense”

“but joe and billy have been ideologically brainwashed by centuries of conservatism”

more on how that works, here:


Oh nice. Same guy on gramsci this time… and more to the point.

I’m sure illegals are more crime prone than American citizens.
I mean they broke and entered into the country, already that shows more wiliness to commit crimes.
They’ve risked life and limb to come the US, and people who’re prone to high risk behaviors are more crime prone.
Some of them have unnecessarily endangered their children’s lives, unnecessarily since the vast majority of them don’t qualify for refugee status, which again demonstrates they’re prone to high risk behaviors.
They’re poor, uneducated, don’t speak our language, don’t know our customs, and desperate people are more crime prone.
They’re not as familiar with American laws, so they’re more likely to break them even just out of sheer ignorance.
And they’re not as loyal to the US as American citizens, I mean how could they be?
Of course most illegals are Hispanics, and Hispanics commit more crimes than average Americans, both in their native countries and in the US, so of course illegal Hispanics commit crimes more than average Americans, probably more than legal Hispanics too.

If You came from a very poor third world country , usually Catholic, and it was a sin to practice birth control, and Your large family was in want of basic necceaaitoes that you knew you may only afford if there was a job out there, and you are bound to your family who really do not like you, would becoming a felon bother you as much as seeing your offspring suffer or die?
All things. I considered , let’s not forget that we can afford to be objectively judgemental.

Third world people create third world conditions.
The third world isn’t the third world by accident, it’s the third world because of the memes, and genes of the people living there.
We can’t raise them up without being dragged down by them in the process.
If we import people from the third world, it should only be economic migrants who’re able and willing to mostly assimilate, not illegals and refugees.

While some descendants of economic migrants create jobs, illegals don’t and very few of their descendants do, they only take them, which drives down blue collar wages because there’s more people competing for fewer blue collar jobs, which’s one of the real reasons why the neofeudalists want to flood our countries with illegals while they ship our jobs overseas, the other reasons being eroding national sovereignty, paving the way for one world government modeled after China, and white genocide.

Many illegals don’t even come here to work, but to smuggle arms, drugs and sex slaves.

They inconvenience us by not knowing our language, laws and customs.

We’re not even doing anywhere near enough for our priority: homeless, working and middle class citizens, and the more tax that goes to illegals, the less there’ll be for us.
We must put our citizens first and millions of them are subsisting in conditions, not much better than the conditions illegals are fleeing.
Once we lift virtually all of our own well out of poverty, then perhaps we can discuss what to do about the rest of the world.

But there’s so little we can do to help the poor of the world.
They outnumber us many, many times over.
For every thousand we take in, a million are born.

While Mexico’s poor are of course poorer than our poor, it’s still not as bad as the neofeudalists portray, I mean their average life expectancy is only a couple years lower than ours, and while the average life expectancy of their slummiest of slums may be a decade or so lower, they can leave these slums and look for work in nicer parts of Mexico just as people living in our slums do, they don’t have to flee the country to improve their quality of life.

We already have criteria for determining who is and isn’t a refugee in desperate need, and the vast majority of illegals don’t qualify.

We’re overdeveloped as is, too much pollution, pop density, traffic and not enough room for wildlife.
Very little wilderness remains in Europe, do we really want to go down that road?

Lastly, illegals are a slap in the face to migrants who came here legally.

I always thought illegal immigrants were less crime prone than most Americans? … ata-2018-8

it’s true, but fortunately for the right, most folks are completely ignorant of statistics.

most of the mexicans are ordinary people who are holding to the principle of ‘pedro’s wager’, which can be summarized like this:

if i cross the boarder illegally, don’t find a job under the table mowing lawns, and get arrested/detained, my living conditions won’t be any worse than they already are.

if i don’t cross the boarder, i don’t make the opportunity of finding a job under the table mowing lawns, even possible, and remain in my current conditions.

therefore, it is more logical to cross the boarder illegally than remain here in mexico.

That makes sense except you write the word “border” incorrectly :smiley:

I clicked on your link and it didn’t convey any statistics to back up your question. It was a fluff piece spun by left wing media, to bad it revolves around a tragedy perpetrated by an illegal who admitted to knowing where the dead girl’s body was hidden. I don’t see how by any stretch of the imagination it proves that illegals are law abiding.