Does history mean anything?

Does history mean anything?

From a liberal perspective I could look at victories [partial or otherwise] for freedom, and from that draw positive conclusions, alas in most cases they seem to be short lived. You had the peasants revolt which would have been good if the baddies didn’t win, then you have the English civil war which was to me a victory for good, except Cromwell was a fundamentalist and sent paid torturers and murderers out into the countryside to kill witches who mostly weren’t that but its still bad killing them if they were. Then came the American war of independence ~ another victory for freedom [as long as you weren’t black of course], but the British probably owned most of the plantations and industry etc and even if that’s not as true as I imagine, they owned the oceans. Basically people on the various land masses could do what the hell they want, but then they got to trade all that stuff which means getting deals with guess who.

A different level of the argument…

Yesterday I was watching a documentary about mathematical patterns in music, the researchers found that things like punk didn’t make much of an impact overall. they counted all chart hits since the 50’s and found that music which was at a happy medium [like the Beatles] was the most successful, then they tried to make some music into that and failed ~ it always went off towards extremities no matter what they did with it. So there is no formula [as yet] for finding the medium which will manifest success, but in amongst the whole mass of musical evolution we can say that the supposed revolutionary occurrences are not the things which manifests success and especially longevity.
Does anything really change? Or do we kinda end up in the same place in the end.

edit; Oh I should have mentioned that the medium presented a line like a sine-wave. So if history is similar then its more likely to arrive at similarity, and the duality of plurality [revolutions and what have you] makes no difference as the sine-wave simply continues irrespective. or, the differences made are a function which arrives at the happy medium? so they have to be there, even though whatever their meaning, that is not continued [look what happened to Washington’s America lol].


I like to view human history as an elaboration of continual mass collective psychosis and delusion myself for what it is worth. An ongoing exercise of the blind leading the blind.

A unpopular viewpoint of course.

in a nutshell yes.