Does Human Creativity Exist?

Is re-arranging what already exists actual creation?

For instance, I am very good at refining objects or processes to be more effective/efficient. By reorganizing, modifying an already existent object, made from already existent materials, am I being creative? Am I acting as a Creator?

Is anything human built actual creation?

Babies are created, but humans did not build the basic materials, the mechanisms, or the process.

Do we give ourselves as a species way too much credit for playing around with what already exists, as if we are truly creative, Creators, when in essence we are only re-organizing, modifying “what was actually created” by a vastly more intelligent energy? We are babies playing with building blocks.

Language, hieroglyphics and alphabets were created by humans or were they taught by other more advanced, extinct on Earth, civilizations? Space or sky people all too often appear depicted in ancient ruins accompanied by mechanisms whether donning them or depicting sophisticated objects not congruent with the time period.

The rapid technological advances of today are reputed in conspiracy circles as coming from deconstructed alien artifacts owned by world governments.

When I think of music, its creation, perhaps recreating sounds on instruments in unnatural orders is something created, but I’m at a loss otherwise.

I never knew you were in this deep, Wendy. Creation is the initialization and materialization of something not already apparent. Refining in one sense is the opposite process but in another sense - creation - iron from ore - steel from iron and carbon - so as you can see sometimes you have to reduce(subtract) and then add. Reorganizing is clearly creative - to create we can only reorganize what already exists. If you are asking about something from nothing - no - these types are in a fantasy. Babies are created from a reorganization of what is already there. Yes, we give ourselves too much credit - way too much credit - but this does not mean we can not derive some sort/sense of meaning from what we do - I suggest we should live by a derivation of nature and meaning should be emitted from such processes. Your presentation of creation suggests some deeper thinking - careful - people like to jump on this. How could we know for sure about space people and the like?

So Wendy,

I’m going to put this very straightforward to you:

We’re all co-creating this together. All of us.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, just make it better.