Does money create knowledge?

How much causality is money responsible for?

I think responsibility requires agency, and I think that agency requires consciousness so…your question doesn’t make sense.

Is English your 1st language?

Can the history of the universe exist without any context that involves money whatsoever?

Maybe, maybe not.

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There is a saying that money is the root of all evil - though I wouldn’t say all evil.
But it isn’t the money itself which is the cause obviously - it is its abuse - because of our hungry greediness, need for power which money can attain for some and lack of empathy and compassion toward others.

lol It’s funny. When I read “causality” for some strange reason, I thought I also read “causality” where you have “knowledge” in the Subject.

I suppose that a better answer might be that it would depend on the individuals having the money and what they choose to do with it. People spending thousands of dollars toward college/universities and graduating would think that money creates knowledge, especially in a sense teachers, scientists, doctors, etc.

Money can also create knowledge in the sense of how we have spent ours. If we are spendthrifts or gamblers, for instance, we can learn the negative effects of what the abuse of money can do. At least, it is capable of creating knowledge if we’re wise enough to learn and become more practical.


I’m not sure that I understand your question but I’ll take a leap into the darkness and maybe be wrong and say ~~ only had the invention and usage of money never been brought into existence.

But maybe in some parallel universe, if there be such things. :evilfun:

From the amount at the point when money came into being, I would surmise. What do you think?