Donald Trump, Ukraine, And White Nationalists.

It’s sad that most of the white or European nationalists are Trump supporters.

First off, most of Trump’s family has intermarried with Jews. This is a fact morons you will have to deal with.

Secondly, Donald Trump is a raging pro Israeli Christian zionist of the evangelical variety.

Third, Donald Trump’s inner circle of economic or financial advisors are Jews from Goldman Sachs. You fucking assholes need to think and investigate things more clearly. You’re all a bunch of tools from a coordinated international psyop.

Donald Trump doesn’t give a flying fuck about European or white interests politically! He is a neoconservative zionist puppet.

Define irony, Right Sector helped overthrow the Ukrainian government and afterwards the new Ukrainian government looks like this…

Talk about Ukrainian nationalists getting thoroughly played with their asses being handed to them. This is what asymmetrical warfare looks like dumbasses.

What have we learned today folks? Zionists have perfected assymetrical psychological warfare to such a degree that even European or white nationalists(supposedly anti zionist) are even being manipulated by them. They aren’t called master manipulators for no reason, stop being zionist pawns idiots.

It’s unfortunate that you’ve bought into this nonsense. There is no “Jewish conspiracy”. I know a few Jewish people, they’re not “evil”. Judaism is older than Christianity and Jewish cultural values of family, success, higher education, and helping one another out is what accounts for disproportionately more Jewish people in high positions in economic or politics sectors. Hard work and valuing education, success and close family ties has been necessary for Jewish culture to survive at all as a much hated sub-culture within other dominant cultures.

The west is Judeo-Christian at its philosophical roots. Yes there is an internationalist cabal, as we all know, but it’s based on money and power and isn’t religious. Why shouldn’t America support Israel? You’re confusing the “elite” and military industrial complex who co-opt American and Israeli policy with America and Israel themselves and their people.

Similar happened in pre-WWII Germany, Jewish families were doing relatively better than average Germans because of how Jewish people represent a sub-culture of close knit values and family. If the cabal stokes hatred of Jews to serve its own ends, which it does, and you’ve fallen for it, that only proves they aren’t “Jewish” at all.

Decry the cult cabal, not entire religions and groups of people who have nothing to do with it. Your racism plays right into the hands of those who want another world war, which would decimate not only Christians but also Jewish people. We need to elevate our vision beyond silly race and religious superstitions.

Conspiratorial thinking makes use of unrelated facts to draw unwarranted conclusions that are way beyond the scope of those facts themselves. In this way of thinking, every single Jewish person that can be tied somehow to Trump or anyone else is “evidence”, which is absurd.

The cabal uses any religion it has to. It has members from Jewish and Christian, as well as non-religious, ideology. Look at the Catholic Church for example.

Since western civilization is Judeo-Christian, philosophically speaking, then those who want to co-opt this civilization for their own nefarious ends are going to simulate both Christianity and Judaism, simply to get what they want. Judaism itself isn’t a conspiracy, this cabal isn’t even that old historically speaking and compared to the age of both Christianity and Judaism.

This is old news. Besides, Crimea has been home to Jews for a long time alredy. But it’s not always how it looks. If you have no morals and the greed is your own motivator, backstabbing goes all over and which ever way; or corruption breeds more corruption and then eventual downfall. I say the future does not look good for it. Also, keep in mind that Black Sea access has always been desired, and who has military control of the worlds seas and oceans today? I would look into long-term loyalties of the leaders (where their families live and where they hold personal real estate properties). This might actually lead into an even bigger question of loyalty, values and corruptability

People claim that a higher proportion of Jewish people in certain professions like business, law, or politics is somehow a sign of a “conspiracy”, without realizing they are making a methodological error: you can’t compare the number of Jewish people in those positions to the broader population, you have to compare it to the total number of high professional positions, which isn’t really that high. There are only so many high professional positions within business, law and politics; now compare how Christians versus Jews tend to look at family and success: Christians tend to view their kids as self-dependent and autonomous once they’re 18, and don’t particularly expend too much energy and money helping their kids secure successful careers. But that isn’t the case in Judaism, where family really means something. Jewish people help cultivate their kids into the best universities and then help set them up with professions, because this sort of close knit family value is deeply part of Jewish culture. And that is a good thing.

At least people aren’t complaining about him not keeping his campaign promises to become an Aryan overlord.

Now look at what UNESCO just did, declaring the city of Hebron a Palestinian world heritage site rather than a Jewish site. Actually going so far as to claim it for the “Palestinian State”, which of course doesn’t even exist.

The Jewish people have been there for thousands of years stretching back to Old Testament days, when Islam didn’t even exist, and yet this West Bank holy site is being voted by the UN as not a Jewish but a Palestinian site.

Similarly, the holy lands in Jerusalem are obviously Jewish lands. To claim otherwise is simply to be ignorant of history. I personally believe that Jews, Christians and Muslims should share these lands in so far as all three religions consider them significant, but the fact remains that Judaism has the primary claim. … itage-site

"“The Palestinian state is sovereign even though it is under occupation. It is acting within its full rights when it takes the initiative to nominate this city for inscription on the world heritage list. This city which is on its territory.” "

Yeah, no.

So much for the UN being part of a “Jewish conspiracy”. The UN is often openly hostile to Israel and to the Jewish people’s rightful claims on their own lands.

Israel indoctrinates their children into thinking they’re the world’s eternal victims and everyone is out to get them. Where’s the value in that?

How do you know it’s not religious?

That doesn’t prove they aren’t Jewish. Couldn’t they just be bad Jews who have no qualms sacrificing their own? And what’ the difference between the Nazi’s using stereotypes of Jews for propaganda purposes, and some modern Jews or left types stereotyping anything Aryan as Nazi?

I dare you to show me that there is no Jewish zionist conspiracy as I am an expert of the subject.

I’m familiar with Judaism and the religion of Elohim also. I actually prefer calling it Atenism or the religion of Moloch because that’s the origins of all Judaism. There is an international cabal and most of its financial tentacles is a Jewish zionist one. Most of the Frankfurt Marxists or Trotskyists that layed the framework for the culture of destruction that is laying waste to the west all ideologically stems from Jews and continues to this day. Neconservatism of the politicised war factions are all run by Jews.

Conspiracy is a regular human activity of all human history so deal with it.

(Unfortunately Jewish zionists are masters of.)

Christianity is Judaism lite. The difference between Christianity and Judaism is the difference between Coke or Diet Coke. Afterall, Christianity does so pride itself on its Judaic and Old Testament origins. Islam is also Judaic with its origin in Abraham. I prefer to call Moses the descendant of Abraham Akhenaten as it skips all the Old Testament BS concerning mythological historical metamorphosis.

Most were not so much supporters of Trump, but rather defenders against Hillary.

I’m afraid it is you who have been “sold” … in more ways than one.

Most Israeli Jews originate from Ukraine so there’s that also.

It’s not just that, many delude themselves thinking Donald Trump will lead them into a new golden age going fourth into the future for the west when in fact it will be the direct opposite.