dont do drugs

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I’m lucky I never became an addict (of hard drugs). I only did pot & acid (apparently some with meth) in mid/late teens, but I live in a very drug-trafficked area. I was afraid to try coke.

I’m glad I never did, and that the meth in the acid didn’t get me addicted quickly like it apparently does some people.

Are you clean or getting clean? I know some who were able to get out of it & chase something else. It for sure happens & is possible, though I’ve heard some call it a miracle.

“I think crack hard drugs remains in the psyche, when it has long-since left the system… crack-addicts, yea… I’ve known a few. Not partners, but relatives.”

^^^It all makes sense now… like an imprint -left behind- on a windless desert floor, but pertaining to the psyche… of which only the astute/in-tune can perceive the tell-tale signs, in themselves or in others.

…hence the ILP buzzy/gossip-monger’s, character.

even weed?

It was illegal at the time.

And if ur gonna rule out weed, why not rule out acid?

I would say “No”, but I know a few people whose minds and sanity were destroyed by weed and hash, so it’s certainly not for everyone - those modern strains are lethal, yo.

I’d rather do opiates than synthetics, if I was ‘that way’ inclined. But Jakobs experience explains buzzy-bee’s overly-overt psyche and pushily-trite-character, perfectly.

I didn’t do enough drugs for it to mess me up — which can be reversible, due to brain plasticity & CBT — and the issues you have with me (yours, quite frankly, although if you are ever specific enough, I am willing to reconsider) preceded my experience with substances.

Yes drugs will eventually cause your spirit to leave your body. But what will you do about that?

Are you strong enough to get it back? That is the only question.

If you didn’t get it in the first place, getting it back ain’t a you thing, either. Except the faith thing…which is like saying you can save yourself from drowning without an arm reaching down to pull you out of the water. Unless there IS an arm. Was it your faith that pulled you out if there is no arm, though?

The arm respects consent.

Literaly no idea wtf you are on about bro, sorry

She’s a fundy…. She’s trying to say you can never learn to swim.

I can and did do only one drug which changed me for ever.

LSD did fir me which nothing close did, back then I feared it like the devil, but then when my appearent confusion about it and a history of confusion with other things worsened, their dropping it in my drink unknown by me, made me wish I never went to my friend’s party.

They noticed with the quip, that I should be glad, and it turned into a lucky truism, for I have been an a continuous ability to recall and simulate that natural high .
Simeon like my hero and compatriot jack keroac had one and only experience as well, and through that coincidence, I was able to link literally with the actual beats of that era, correspondingly and in person.

used to take a lot of acid back in the day. definitely went through something like a decade long merry prankster phase. had a blast.

He’s drowning, trying to tell a fellow drowning person, “Just kick your feet!”

So what put a damper on it for ya?

Explains a lot actually. Since I know what the real “merry pranksters” were all about.

I mean you were basically a targeted victim of CIA MKULTRA mind control LSD experiments in psychological warfare and mass social programming.

You have my sympathies. no joke

im too old to be spending the next day recovering from acid and also eventually like everything else it gets boring

thanks man ive been waiting for someone to say this

What do you do when you’re very addicted to cocaine and want to stop… why you call your accountant, of course.