Double agent

Has anyone else noticed that since hellspawn has started posting he hasnt actually outlined any of his actual beliefs backed up by any theological dogma. No descriptions of his faith or how he worships…nothing.

However his presence here, I have noticed, has given the chance to the more fanatical christians on the site preach from an even higher soapbox.!

Just makes you wonder who hellspawn is REALLY working for!

I think the real double agents here are the three or four theists. They are so lame in their theism that they make atheism look good.

Does this mean that you can do a better job in defending theism?


Classic theism:

Literal super-bio-forms control forces whilst existing amaterially?

I’m an Atheist. I think I can hold my ground when it comes to atheism.

Old phil…I have to say that my presence here has nothing to do with christian soapboxes. I have already contributed to one christian leaving (Mick) so I would have to say i have been a success so far.

As to not staing my beliefs in datail…thats nobodys business but my own… :evilfun:

You’re giving youself quite a bit of credit there, don’t 'cha think?

I never said I was SOLEY responsible…but I think my presence here might have swayed him a little to leave. :evilfun:

Yeah, I can barely sleep at night from the fear that you emanate. My Christian theological underpinnings are coming undone by your very presence here on this board. And I’ll bet you’re real rebellious with your mommy too. How scary!

^ =D>

Hypothesis: LaVey gives birth to “satanism”, but names her “natureisprettyism”. “Hellspawn” as a moniker never existsed, and the man behind the keyboard is known around these parts as “IJustWantToBeDifferent”. Seems to me, this gent is afflicted with the same social problems as most “wiccians” I know, (not writing off satanism or any religion, just commenting on the majority of the people I have met that have been “members” of those religions) caring more about the image then the religions ideals.