a female gnome broke into my room last night and spent an hour explaining something to me, writing all over my walls and once convinced I retained the info she snapped fingers and vanished, along with all her notations, that were scrawled in green light on my walls and drapes. I am no scientist, and I don’t know what to do with this info, but it went something like this. Perpetual motion transport or energy source using opposing thermoresponsive elastic, gum-like polymers stretched over distances. Imagine a stretchable material that when fully stretched, by virtue of exposed surface area cools and thus retracts with force f1 toward a condensed state; and when condensed, the energy from the inertial contraction converts to heat, causing the polymer to return to a more malleable state, which in turn, can be easily stretched again by an opposing force, f1. Imagine a rig where two such materials (a,b) are bound with one intermediate object at center, on a low friction wheelbase. This object would be carried to one end by contraction of material a, and material b, upon full expansion would cool and retract, causing object to be pulled to opposite end, and back and forth, ad infinitum. Substrate can possibly be achieved with minor hybridization of thermophobic short-chain polymers similar to materials used in industrial rubber bands and porous 3rd generation nanotube-based plasma. Thoughts?

That’s already been tried. You’re talking about using stable Heissman vectors if this material is beyond a Berridian state… I assume your opposing form f1 is being generated from the thermoresponsive contraction? If so, the Heissman vectors won’t be stable. You have to simulate phase transfers to get the numbers right… it’s a pain in the ass if it’s even possible. MITs got the scripts and the mathematicians are working on it day and night… still three of the transcendental values haven’t been established. These guys are even using hyperdimensional negatives… it’s a fiasco man, a complete mess.

You should know all this… what are you reading? I could send you some journals from a few colleagues at the department of experimental quantonanotic physics in Belgium if you want.

It’s was a good idea back in 2013 and I’m surprised you conceived it on your own; that’s very impressive. You have the qualities of a independent and innovative thinker, Gamer, and I think we can expect great things from you in the future.

They’ve actually already done this but with using a plasmic holograph shift in Trictonian space. The molecular bonds retained negative 3 regridification placements along the synthetic axial’s they engineered for the program. It was remarkable. I remember Dr. Larringston joking that we couldn’t possibly ionize a five dimensional Frellisian space in only .000000076 seconds. I told them it was possible and I was right.

a cat and a piece of buttered toast??

Don’t know what Trictonian space is but his idea seems alright. If you synchronise the contractions with night and day cycles you can have it automatically contract and expand based on the temperature. It would be unstable depending on the climate so you’d also have to construct an artifice regulator to regulate the solar temperature input based on a thermometer. The artificial regulator might require a substantial amount of energy which might make the device impractical for home use, depending on how efficiently the regulator was designed. But the main problem I foresee is tensile durability, after so many contractions the thing might lose tensile durabilty. In which case you might as well design a free energy device based on magnets in relation to the non-axis aligned rotations of the Magnetic Pole. It would have to be carefully configured, the first prototype of the device could only function when it was oriented in a certain range of direction. Sadly, it’s blueprints died with its creator, and the magic was buried at Selfridge ANG, a few miles from where I live.

There’s the issue of air friction and turbulence causing chaotic disruption of even heating and cooling, plus it was a female gnome and chicks aren’t good at physics. And when I pointed this out to Lieutenant Barclay at the Cal Tech Annual Yeoman’s Orgy, he said au contraire my sexist Adonis, force and momentum exceed air friction and the turbulence variations are fine, perfection is not required for it to work. Yeah but then maybe this gnome chick might have just been a messenger, meaning the real info came from on high from a male gnome. It doesn’t have to be a gnome. But male, definitely male. Come to think of it, I sensed she was a messenger and that the physicist was male. “Has to be perfect for perpetual motion,” said some chick in glasses, and while there was something oddly fetching about the wad of pearlescent goo on her right lens, I couldn’t help think, sad really, another victim of the nirvana fallacy. It doesn’t have to be perfectly perpetual to be useful. And the durability factor is irrelevant since the polymer is cheap to produce and replace, relative to the joules per volts generated by the several months of expanding/contracting, and the magnets placed in the rig to collect the kinetic bi-products and feed it through armchair quantum wire to the Tom Bosley International power plant in Belgium, Utah.

Might be useful but couldn’t really be classified as “free energy” because it requires to be repeatedly fed a fuel source - itself. A true free energy device is self contained and doesn’t need to be fed items - the perpetual engine. That is why I don’t classify the Hendershot generator as a free energy device either.

Useful is useful. Nothing is free and classify shmassify. It would change everything.

I guess I shmess, but wouldnt it require more energy to move the thing than the energy output by it? Unless of course it is flubber (with a coefficient greater than 1.)

What I see happening is the object’s kinetic energy decaying into harmony and unity, remaining in a place of static harmony, in other words, balancing its forces and not outputting any energy, like every other failed free energy device under the sun.