Sometimes, a dream comes along, only once in a life time.
Joy, so fleeting.
Like a family member died, and it will never be the same, on this plane of existence, anyway.

We cannot buy an existence with our tears.

Originally life was given with no cost to the born.

Later everything grows a price,
but originally, in nature, we take and give freely.

A nightmare of a dream, which, can only signal , to understand well of possession crying to the 7 th heaven of a forgotten god.

That if it really is true, may vampires be cursed to tumble for whom one time naively, prayed to the good lord, so to forgive the fallen angel, whom the hungry ghost will use as bargaining chip for askence of the soul.

The curse of a payback for Faust’s trick, may deflect into the black emptiness of that awful spirit, may the curse be magnified by 1000 magnification back through the mirror of damning invisibility so that the horror of his evil will burn eternal ,even in the atomized sparking dust of his betraying dust remaining.(but through middle way, them, so that the cursed one can’t carry the inhabited one with it.) , through its exorcism.

If no sign sent, then learn of the successful strength of redemption.

Dan, this is a converse of Your joyful dream, wherein breed it’s opposite.

Now a more affirmed comment on the Joyful dream: comes a cliche . to mind ; Youth is wasted by the Young , and that includes all ages who are young at heart, so maybe it’s a.good thing, for they never learn of the price , even to the end, for they mostly are of good and and strong hearts where their faith insures them against their loss. Only joyful love accompanies their loved.ones.to the well of deserved haven.
Their dreams become reality.

Dimensions, from the afterlife to the now, may coexist within each other, be so close by, and yet we can’t undo the final barrier, the final lock, and see ourselves through to the other side - that’s what we’re building the bridge to, spirit.