DVD - Review - Batman: The Animated Series vol. 3

The first in a string of DC comic inspirted animated series Batman: The Animated Series first aired in 1991 in the wake of Tim Burton’s film adaptation. Let me start off this review by saying that this show was one of the highlights of my childhood. This is a series that has been tested by time and it still seems refreshingly good. Unlike some shows that upon a revisiting seem like cheap wastes of time (I’m looking at you Thunder Cats). Batman the Animated series didn’t talk down to kids. It was damn good then and its damn good now.

The episodes: This series contains 27 episodes on four DVDs. The quality is good, but sometimes the source is less than perfect, but that only enhances the nostalgia and makes it feel like you’re watching something timeless and vintage. I’ve always loved the neo art-decco styles of the Bruce Timm series in Batman, Superman, and later in Justice League.

The highlight episodes include Harliquinneaid where Harley and Batman team up to stop the Joker from setting off an atom bomb in the middle of Gothem, another Harley episode where she is released from Arkham only to find herself in the middle of a high speed chase. Okay, I’ll admit I’m a fan of the character, but those episodes are the best.

The extras: Too few is my only complaint on this set. Only 3 episodes have commentary and only 1 featurette on the character of Batgirl. The featurette is pretty long and informative and the commentaries they have are excellent, very funny and informative. However I would have liked to have seen a bit more. But with an animmated series its a suprise there were any special features at all… stupid Duck Tales vol. 1.

Batman:TAS is a gift from the heavens. The last “new look” season is very underrated.

Mark Hammil IS the Joker.