ego is female, but not superfemale.

i have done it again, i am a genius of genius, a genius upon genius, i have outsmarted the genius Otto Weinenger and refuted his claims.

song of victory

Ego is female… it arises from the superfemale (99% wman) it is a climbing, reaching, a paper defense, the paper is thin but can cut like a blade…
It is the female’s feeble attempts to shield and to dominate…
Once it is cut down, the superfemale remains, submission and sadness lurks, she submits.

Egolessness is not masculine, but superfeminine.

Ego is the result of minor masculine energies arising in the female.
Masculinity is the result of higher masculine energies arising, a tank arising and on the treads to path to which it calculates the mission, ideal.
Masculinity is the superego.
When a man has a broken computer, cannot calculate the proper logic and reason, he becomes a danger to that which is good.

Like a SuperStarDestroyer, a superfemale unleashes a fleet of Star Destroyers to protect her from the micro-attacks of any Rebellion.

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