egotistic morality

You’ve probably all seen this by now.

Morality’s good and bad, turned into superior and inferior.
That’s step one of the system.

Next, what kind of man is superior or inferior.
What are virtues and disvirtues for men.
It becomes centered around egos. The self and the other individuals,
are either good or bad persons, based on what ever you may say,
such as based on how smart or strong they are, compared to other people.

Egoism sometimes is like living inside a black shell,
with mirrors inside it. The self is the center of it all.

If there was no ego, there would be no superiority over other people.
That would then be called nothing or nihilistic by the
“strong and great men”. To them, ego is everything.
Non ego is death oriented.

So that is how the game works.

if they dont like you, you are inferior.
if they stop this thinking, they are anti-life.

The highest virtue would be honesty in my book. Honesty seems to feed into the establishment and maintenance of many of the other virtues.

What a list, huh? A lot of facets, a lot of work.

Did you make that list yourself?
Or did you download it somewhere?

No, it was a picto-chart that I reorganized.