Enantiodromia conversion of Christ into Antichrist

This symbol evolved around he Renaissance, and mirrors an earlier idea Of Christ and the. Serpent in th Garden. This is in line with the evolved late Roman Janus (2 headed god) symbol. As we are in a transitional time, it is noteworthy to note, the similarities in Jungian type, and the urgency by which values are accounted. And as such, the christian belief in the 2nd coming, also forsees a return of an “anitchrist”. Could these be viewed a simultaneous events, as certainties of mind? remember, these might foreshadow, by virtue as opposing elemental Jungian Arhitype. In psychology9al terms, the extension of opposites on a societal curve, could raise the even of confusion to that of mass psychosis—a prelude to conflict. To prevent such a scenario, a so called “savior” might arise. How do you tell the fake from the real thing? (Just a thought)

Obela: You have some understanding of the Biblical prophecy of the end times, which I believe we are getting into, and have been for some time. Israel becoming a State in 1948 was the last to be fulfilled before Christ returns for His Church. The Bible tells us of many signs that will show us that the return of Christ is imminent. Wars and rumors of wars, famine, poverty, natural disasters more often and more intense, unnatural love, disrespect of our youth for their parents, coldness to the Gospel, decline of morality, etc., etc. How do you tell the real from the fake? Great question, but with answers. Read Matthew 24:4-31. That is just the beginning, but enough for now.