End women's suffrage





I find it especially cute when some of the women decide to comment on why they want to undo women’s suffrage.

You can see how they struggle to regurgitate some of the words and phrases the liberal media uses when speaking of “social issues” so as to appear up-to-date.

Then when they’re finished regurgitating they smile and look at the reporter like “Look at me, daddy! I am edumucated and I can use big words and I have the exact beliefs I’m told I should have. Aren’t I a good girl, daddy?”

It’s adorable and also kind of sexy.

“Great progress has been made”,
“there is a level of aggression that’s out there and they need healing, take self-awareness and develop from that so they can get along with the rest of all of us
“people need to educate themselves about what’s going on just like me, I was oblivious and didn’t know the depths of suffrage”
“well in general I think women should be respected and treated as persons even though you’d think it has already been covered in the past … and I think we need to create a collective effort, as a society, in order to at least diminish the problems we’re still facing today.”
“women’s suffrage is like, not okay, cause like, I think like, everybody should be able to live without a fear of being harassed or like anything, EQUALITY
women’s suffrage is a problem that needs to be solved, and the media should take part in working on that
women’s suffrage happens in the world and it’s unfortunate but I don’t think anything’s gonna change, not any time soon, as sad as that is, but hopefully… ya know

The irony in all of this is that they are correct when they say that women’s suffrage causes women to suffer and that it is a problem that needs to be solved, but they are completely accidentally correct without having the slightest clue as to why that is so, and if you told them what women’s suffrage actually is they’d revert back to their false positions.

What a weird situation.

That last video is the worst since they are all students and so really
should know what suffrage is especially if they identify as feminists

Are you suggesting that a general conclusion is well supported by these videos? If so, I’d suggest your process of belief formation has some methodological shortcomings.

The sample size is too small to support any general conclusion but on the
basis of the videos it is still disappointing to see such a level of ignorance

It’s not just sample size, it’s also selection bias. If a respondent correctly understood the meaning of the phrase “women’s sufferage” and answered correctly, or simply refused to talk to the anti-women’s suffrage guy, that interaction wouldn’t end up in the video. The fact that X people can be found who answer incorrectly tells you almost nothing about the population of people, other than the population contains X people who answer incorrectly. But for a sufficiently large population, the odds that there will be at least X people that exhibit a trait approach unity for any value of X.

Particularly for a trait like knowing the meaning of the phrase, “women’s suffrage”. The word suffrage is unusual word, used almost exclusively in the phrase women’s suffrage (which is itself a relatively uncommon phrase, e.g. compare with “right to vote”), and confusingly similar to a much more common term with a negative connotation. Given the proportion of people in the US for whom English is a second language, finding X people who don’t grasp the subtle distinction between “suffrage” and “suffering” is not going to be difficult. So the fact that random internet guy successfully found X people tells us basically nothing about the population.

I agree with everything you said there. But there were three women who correctly understood the term and so if your theory of selection
bias was true they would not have appeared in those videos. Also the word SUFFRAGE clearly is printed at the top of the petition so even
if the women heard the word SUFFERING when they were listening they would know that it was not the same word when they saw it. And
there is no indication in any of the videos the women did not understand English though some did ask what the meaning of SUFFRAGE was

Unless the claim is that the sample is random and representative, we can’t draw conclusions about the population (other than “at least X people have the trait, and at least Y people don’t”).

And I’m not saying that people might believe they heard “suffering”, but that, if they are not be familiar with the word “suffrage” at all, it’s reasonable for them to assume it means something like “suffering”. Given that the word suffrage is effectively obsolete in non-technical contexts, and other similar sounding words are an order of magnitude more common, that wouldn’t be surprising or particularly damning for those individuals. It wouldn’t be required that they not understand English, only that they not be familiar with an antiquated word in a technical phrase.

Here’s a comparison of the word “suffrage” to the words “epistemology”, “policy”, “vote”, “women”, and “election”. Note that “suffrage” is roughly as common as the word “epistemology”, which I think is a good way to approximate how widely known we should expect it to be.

But that’s the lesser point. Even if we were to grant that it’s OK to shame individuals for not knowing unusual technical words (or for assuming a word they don’t know to mean the same thing as the more common words it resembles), there’s no general conclusion that can be drawn from showing that a non-representative group of individuals qualifies for such shaming.

I am not interested in shaming anyone although there clearly was an intention to deceive in all three of the videos
My only real point is that students that label themselves as feminists should know what the word SUFFRAGE means
I do not expect all women to but I do not think it is unreasonable to expect those attending college or university to
I never went to college or university and am of only average intelligence and yet I still know what SUFFRAGE means

Autsider, I think you’re becoming a little too obsessed with women. Why don’t you focus on improving yourself, instead?

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Carleas, I hope you are joking. Of course I’m aware of all of that and I hope you don’t think I’m making an argument like “Some guys on internet recorded some (obviously clueless) women saying they support ending suffrage, so we should end women’s suffrage because of that obviously non-serious and funny video”. Of course not, and of course there are women who knew what suffrage is - the videos showed some of them too, for contrast.

This is more of a funny observation on how uneducated people are and how they will pretend to know what is being talked about to avoid appearing clueless.

You mean like how you said we shouldn’t focus on criticizing Jews but on promoting white nationalism instead?

Why not both?