ever wondered why there is a left-wing?


it is people like her who have created the left wing, and as i will explain in my essay to be submitted after christmas why there is a left-wing, but first what are your opinions on the left-wing, not supported views, i just want your straight out opinion, i might directly quote a few, but i won’t be nasty, i just need other peoples views (good or bad). thanx if you do submitt one.

Not sure about the left-wing but that is the most intriguing site i’ve been to for a long time. Don’t be too quick to bad-mouth her as a stuck-up little brat. Firstly, we have no idea if she really is who she says she is. She could be a 43 year old man from Texas. Secondly, she may just do it for attention, pretending to be rich and have maids and say she is superior so people post saying how much they hate her.

I’m not sure all right-wingers would agree with her mentality. If she truly is who she portrays on her site then she’s just a naive little girl. She’s not interested in politics and she doesn’t understand anything outside of her own world. Perhaps you can explain a bit more what you mean by “her creating the left-wing.”

The amount of comments she gets is incredible! I’ve added her to my AIM to learn more…

I feel that too often left and right is oversimplified so that rational, ‘nice’, humane people are meant to see the left wing as morally good and fair and the right wing as bad and evil. This isn’t true - moderation is always the key. Demagogues like Stalin are just as bad as demagogues like Hitler. A ‘pure’ command economy is just as bad as a ‘pure’ market economy (if either were possible).

In Communist Russia 3% of the land was owned by private companies but it produced 30% of the agricultural product of the country. In extremely free markets, people are left unprovided for whilst others are too rich. As I said, moderation is the key.

Liberalism is seen by the West as being good but there are 2 types - one is more left wing and one more right wing. Social liberalism promotes adequate welfare for all and free enterprise after that so that’s more lefty. I.e. people are given equal welfare and are therfore treated equally. In new-classical liberalism people are treated equally as they have equal opportunities in a free-market to succeed.

So you can argue for left or right on a moralistic basis. This is why I hate the way in which left is seen to be fair and good whereas right is bad. That’s simply not true.

(not bitchy tone of voice) with the hitler/stalin debate, i see neither as ‘left’ or ‘right’ wing, i just see them as deeply evil people.

i also said that i realise communism worked (i wish it did), and i do not want a communist state.

by left wing i meant:-
New Labour
Anarachy (not really left wing, but i am just curious)
(i meant the political outlook, rather than the suburban liberal lifestyle)

sorry the post sucked hope this clears it up abit.

isn’t left-wing also known as non-conformist? Or being non-conservative?