'Everything’s gone ed sheeran'

Everything’s gone ed sheeran [generic]

Remember when there were tons of different car companies making individualistic cool cars, all those classics, american, british etc. …and now they all suck.

Imho it hasn’t improved anything when companies get bought out and amalgamated into single huge companies, you just loose individuality and the ‘spark of creativity’.

Same for countries, for many years things have been moving towards unification in one sense or another. Though I am not a big fan of brexit or trump, I am a fan of the movement away from the ‘generic everything’.

Come to think of it, I kind of hope it keeps going in this direction until politics and power has little meaning and the individual reigns supreme [in a manner of speaking of course].

If it all devolves to the point that borders don’t even matter [maybe not all borders lol], I’ll be happy and brexit wont matter.


The main Remain group has now joined the Brexiters in helping delivering Brexit… makes sense, and their input would help shape a more balanced outcome.

The Tories are aiming for a hard brexit IMHO, that’s why they are having the snap election. No matter what they do, our European partners might not be so obliging as I can’t see how helping us be successful in our exit, will be to their advantage. Probably the opposite is true and they will be wanting to hit us hard, so that others wont take the same path. It may be different if the right wing wins in France and they exit too.

on the news earlier companies are already complaining of a lack of orders for their goods. politics are one thing, but business is quite another.

The EU representatives have gone mad… if yesterday’s news is anything to go by. and openly threatening Britain in public too… even the reporter was shocked that Theresa May’s speech to officially disolve Parliament in the 6 week run-up to the GE was used as a platform to scare the UK into drawing Brexit out over the next 5 years, so that they/the EU can continue to fill their coffers up on our British pound.

You mean UK companies are being shunned for elsewhere?

Soft Brexit? Hard Brexit? MagsJ or Amorphos, care to explain the difference, please?

It didn’t take at all long for my reasoning to be proved right then. :slight_smile:

That a lack of clarity means orders wont be placed.

A hard brexit is one where Britain cuts the threads and goes alone. A soft brexit is where we make deals, but I think the hard brexiteers are more ‘hard’ than HARD about it. They still want to make deals, but arrogant ones.

Thank you.