Existence and Life. Instance: Home and Housing (Dwelling).

Under what conditions do you exist, live, especially where your home is, where you live?

  • I) The conditions are VERY BAD.
  • II) The conditions are BAD.
  • IV) The conditions are GOOD.
  • V) The conditions are VERY GOOD.
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Existence and Life. Instance: Home and Housing (Dwelling).

What has your existence been like?
How and where do you live, reside, dwell?

How should your existence be like?
How and where do you want to live, reside, dwell?

I live under very good conditions, at least as far as the home and the house are concerned.

My existence could not be under better conditions.

AND: I am not rich, but I am not poor either.

Would you like to own one of the following castles?

Otto wrote: Existence and Life. Instance: Home and Housing (Dwelling).

What has your existence been like? Too good to be true, to some… apparently.
How and where do you live, reside, dwell? A house in Central London.

How should your existence be like? Like it is now, but with more excuses to get dressed up and go out out… again
How and where do you want to live, reside, dwell? In different places around the world, during different times of the year… the Himalayas, the Alps, and other such challenging places.

Whoever said your life sounds too good to be true??? A woman getting old with neither a husband nor children nor grandchildren around is one of the happiest sights there are you dumb cow!!! You gonna start talking to your cats eventually and treating them as if they are human babies…if you have not started yet…I know as I have a nutter aunty like that…bad sight!!!travels all around the world, has a beautiful apartment, good clothes, a nice car, nice, easy life…lets wait and see…

Nice to meet you otto!!!lets see here…

Existence and Life. Instance: Home and Housing (Dwelling).

What has your existence been like? as long as it has a desk and an (optionally)arm-chair to sit in and a table to eat at(mandatory), minimalist, preferably no carpets, easy to clean, no clutter, no fur, no food on the floor or elsewhere, private windows without cunt neighbours looking over my shoulder.
How and where do you live, reside, dwell?a gloomy, selfish, cunt city London which I frankly am tired of and will soon leave permanently after the Brexit anti-immigrant racism and the general English greed and anarchy

How should your existence be like? Roman Catholic
How and where do you want to live, reside, dwell? As a free single North Columbia, as a professional single Panama, as a husband and father Austria or South Poland(Western Galicia).

You’ve made your aunt sound like a nice lady…
What brought you to London? Work?

Apparently so far, my life and upbringing was said to be too idyllic to be true,
right now, no-ones life is idyllic… this whole lockdown thing has become very dull.

Hello and thank you. Nice to meet you too. :slight_smile:

What about the ISS?


To live in space long-term, you would first need to find a way to simulate gravity which actually seems nearly impossible because gravity seems universal not local. I don’t know…are you deeper into it,maybe steroidal hormones could work for muscle atrophy(maybe) but for skeletal muscle and organ function???

I really cant respond except by saying that every man’s home is his castle, and I am one of many.

I would not say “that every man’s home is his castle”, but I have always really been satisfied with my home in the whole.

In winter:

That kinda looks like my old primary school.

I think it was haunted, but it was definitely creepy.

Castle is a terrible idea…LMAO…big, cold, full of rodents, pretentious, far away from the society…might as well live in a tree on a mountain and speak to birds

Maybe it should be something between a hull (bubble), a cave, a cottage, a simple but economic, for instance neolithic house (?).


i like very big cities with good public transport and clean roads. i like to go hike or drive a bike and be alone but its not normal to overdo it and a healthy person below 70 should live as an active actor in a community on daily basis and cities accommodate that plus they lend to minimalistic and efficient living that I think is good. also cave living is a bit cliché since caves are actually not as common as it seems so most of these nomadic humans just erected primitive kind of shelters wherever they set, often up on trees or somewhere. that period is also a period when females actually held a societal role that was superior to males too, just as an interesting fact to add since there are a lot of autistic goof idiots who think males just ruled supreme historically or that societal shifts of power favouring one or the other sex must be a work of some evil, conspiratorial agent and have never occurred historically are a thing, which is false in both instances.



otto = arminius?

there is a threshold past which its impossible to maintain local estate communities. what you build depends on the country, a totalitarian country like China can build giant skyscrapers for its people because its already in the chains of ruling bureaucracy so the aspect of independent and connected communities needed for any well-functioning democratic and free republic is not a concern. though, obviously, communal communities is only one of the possible forms of voluntary and independent social communities and it isn’t strictly necessary for a free and democratic state and it might be needed to have it replaced to something more efficient on a larger scale to be able to house people in a way that makes possible movement and development of a modern and well functioning mega-city… I don’t know, most likely it will be, maybe not. Generally, if you want to know what future will look like, roughly, look to Asia but, obviously, anything is possible as shown by the sudden and completely unanticipated awakening of Islam that slept for few hundred years and recently awoke and…nobody really even knows why so the same thing could happen in either direction, be it an awakening of Christianity in the West, a shift toward totalitarianism or whatever but the most likely scenario seems to be some some kind of wealthier and botched copy of Latin America(Brazil, Argentina, excluding all the banana republics) for USA and some kind of less organised, efficient and relatively more democratic version of Asia for Europe.